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Look around you. Like the life you lead? No, it's not a trick question. To answer this need not think too much, in fact, the key is what you feel. If you find yourself defining your life as easy and convenient, it is clear: you need to change urgently. If you feel comfortable, happy and life will not pose any challenge, get up right now and get out. Make travel plans or improvise, whatever you prefer, but whatever you do do not stay in the same place for too long. A priori, comfort can be attractive and desirable, something to look forward to and enjoy what we all want, but do not let them catch you. At least, not while you're young.


While you are young pursues discomfort as a synonym of experiences, learning and emotions. Because only when you're uncomfortable you will grow and evolve. It is in our nature. We enjoyed the comfort but yearn to live exciting experiences with all our strength. Expose your body, your mind and your spirit to new situations that make your pulse quicken. Be open to whatever comes and be surprised with what life has to offer.




Know your limits and challenge. If you find yourself seated in a comfortable life does not thrill you, consider a change. Because we never felt more alive than when we make plans and put ourselves to the test working to turn them into reality. Do not stop moving as you want to feel alive. To get to understand you yourself, your ultimate and those around you, you need to keep moving. The world is immense, is waiting and the only thing holding you to throw to discover is yourself. Whether a move towards new apartment or an international move to a new city or a new continent, starting from scratch not only changes the scenario in your life, but how you live occur. Move in at least five times in your life, immerse yourself in something new to the transform.



1. to get away from KNOWN


The first time you change your residence will be like opening your eyes to the world. But before you jump into the unknown have to say goodbye to everything with which you grew up and that is familiar. That small environment which was your "microworld" and that, until then, had been enough to satiate your curiosity. You abandon the family home and you'll find yourself in the midst of chaos.


moving chaos


Probably this first change is the hardest. It also tends to coincide with the arrival of a newfound maturity that is responsible for your new aspirations. You will notice that the decision you made ​​to feel fear and loneliness brings a totally unprecedented way. You will become foreign, foreigner, refugee. This movement involves changing everything you've always appreciated by the idea that there must be something better out there and if you are really convinced, you'll find it. Be brave because it will be worth it.





Your concerns will lead to the second change. You've grown accustomed to your surroundings, now you will be comfortable again and even boring. You have understood that while it is impossible to know everyone, it's worth trying.


Moving change


You will no longer drive them vacuum in the same way as the first time. Fears will be lower because've experienced the feeling of making new friends. Do not know who they know this time but know from experience that offsets. Although you'll never face the uncertainty of an unknown future, you will be prepared to do that on a balance your desire to explore weigh more than comfort.





Pursue love is the pursuit of happiness, that after all is the purpose of life. You recognize that you are willing to go to achieve love, which is something we all more or less openly, desire.


Because love, no matter how cheesy it may sound, it is the engine that drives all our decisions. It is the feeling by which we are able to gather courage to go forward even in the most difficult circumstances. So no nobler reason to leave everything, take the case and make a move once again. Do not think you're weak or irresponsible to go after that person who fills your life. Rather, it is honest to admit that there is nothing more important. It is essential that happiness head up your list of priorities and this new change means being faithful to that priority and yourself. Can you think of anything better so leave everything?


Moving for Love


If you think you've found love, do not let him escape. Whether a person, a job, a country or culture, go hunting for that which will make your eyes light up with excitement. If your dream job is in Singapore, do not hesitate. If you imagine catching waves in Samoa or raising sheep in Ireland, go for it. If the man in your life just made ​​its appearance, and venture bet for you. Too rarely feel these emotions to pass without letting them enjoy being squandered.





Some love do not last forever. Despite the pain which often leads and seen in perspective, a year of love is better than any year of love. That person may be perfect for you at a certain point in your life that make you happy at specific circumstances. You can professionally evolutions and it was the job of your dreams no longer satisfies you. Maybe the passion that once filled your life now does not mean much to you.


moving from heartbreak


Circumstances change, you evolve and must be flexible to find happiness again. If you were free to pursue love when he was born, be free also to admit that it's over. Just because you're done does not mean it is not real. Love, like happiness, is measured by its intensity and not for its duration. Live fully in line with what you feel without clinging to the past. Do not let the fear of the future will remain anchored to past experiences. At the end of the day that's another form of comfort.

Avoid accommodate you in self-pity and dive into new projects. You will have learned from your past experiences that a new beginning is a great opportunity to find something that makes your heart pound again. You have no choice: if you want to win again, you will have to bet.


It's a bad habit of mankind to forget again and again what life has taught us. It is inevitable at every opportunity will tend to accommodate you. For inexplicable that may seem, we cling to the known, but if you want to have an extraordinary life, you have to work hard every day to get out of the ordinary. Resist fall into the routine of an easy life, be on your guard and challenges the limits of comfort.

Moving to restart

To continually feel alive you must be willing to transform. Reinvent yourself again and again. You will find different versions of yourself as a person, as a lover, as a friend and as a professional. Accept the idea that life is learning to face new challenges will allow you to squeeze the best out of yourself and savor the nuances of life.


A move will help rejuvenate. All aspects of change, even those who may seem irrelevant as the search or decoration new place to live, help to bring excitement to your life. Enjoy them and all that entails. For example, take advantage of the move to get rid of what you no longer need. Loose ballast. Collect things you just subtract mobility apoltrones help you and will do away with the exciting life you're dying to wear.

Nor is it living like a nomad constantly traveling aimlessly, but be willing to move beyond where happiness is found. The stability brings peace but having all old to be quiet, really you're willing to give up everything that life saved for you while you're young? Take a risk, it will be worth it.

moving for adventure

How do you see it? Ever a move has changed your outlook on life? If you have not ever done, do you feel free to take charge of your life that way? Because the reality is that you're probably ready. But if the answer is no, what's stopping you? Keep in mind your list of priorities and remember to take all your decisions, important and those that do not seem so much. What reasons would lead you to decide to move in? Do not forget, happiness may be waiting in your new destination.


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