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In film, as in real life, people also widespread in moving. For work, a change of scenery, a desire to find oneself and return to nature are some of the main causes. Sometimes it did not work as well as they should. Perhaps if they had contacted time with professionals specializing in transport companies, they would have gone to the best players. Consider, finally, some of these unforgettable films to take notice.


moving movies




Barbara (Geena Davis) and Adam (Alec Baldwin) live peacefully in their comfortable home, but one day his house is invaded by ... another newlywed couple. Well, it may be appropriate to mention that the original owners died long ago, which is not reason, however, that your home has to be invaded by
new inhabitants. To overcome this situation, turn to the expert hands of the very Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), a specialized ghost scare tenants. The moral estribe maybe find out if your new house will also live with spirits.





The subject of ghosts is really important, because after the removal can run into nice people, but sometimes there are others that scary! They end up owning the owner, who is bleeding profusely, Levite and utters words in unknown languages ​​with wide eyes. In any case, if this happens, at least in the seventies you could contact marriage Warren, a specialist in the paranormal. Thus, finally Carolyn and their offspring could live in peace in their new home. Although you will always be asking for help to transport companies ...


Warren Record





Well, who says ghosts in this term also includes other supernatural beings in general. In this American film directed by Spanish Luiso Berdejo, Kevin Costner is a somewhat clueless dad who knows how to treat his teenage daughter after moving to a small American village. Ivana Baquero Catalan (the girl from Pan's Labyrinth) plays the girl, who comes into contact with a devilish creatures. I said get the truth about the past of the house you want to move you.








Equally important in a move to meet your neighbors and some general neighborhood. Thus, in case you are an entrepreneur, you might consider mounting a pretty sweet deal, as run by chocolatier Vianne (Juliette Binoche) and her daughter, who revolutionized the French city of Lansquenet sad. If, in addition,
share the gift of the protagonist to guess exactly like every person in regards to sweets, your future is secured in the economic field (you can also invite a snack to transport companies to help you ...).






By the eighties, a very young Tom Hanks in the role of Walter, finally decides to move in with his girlfriend at an incredibly cheap house. The fact is that as attractive offer brings reforms everywhere. Poor Walter has the looks and the like putting nails and boards, painting walls, tiling floors ... But everything in life has finally rewarded, especially in love. The warning is clear: flees bargains; but in any case, if you consider yourself a handyman, there is no problem.

The Money Pit





It could also be that you were offered an incredibly modern house with several floors and equipped with the latest technologies. Who would say no? This happens to Meg (Jodie Foster) and Sarah (Kristen Stewart), a mother and forced to start a new life after the divorce of the first daughter. Your home has even called \ "Panic Room \". It should shelter before the raid on his home by a violent thieves. But Sarah is diabetic and needs his medicine ... A decision of the viewer is then in real life if appropriate, or not have one of these super smart rooms at home.

Panic Room





But who would not have liked to be the beloved Elliott and meet a friendly alien in his new home as a child? Mary, recently separated, her own struggle with her ​​three children (including the lovely Drew Barrymore) in the daily life of your new home. Everything is turned upside down with the arrival of ET. You know, when you change your neighborhood, but you leave friends behind, keep in mind that this is a perfect opportunity to meet lots of new people, even beings from another planet, who knows Is it about moving?.







In the near future, humans will have already conquered space. A ship could well be the new home to the late 2000s, however, as we do not know very well what may be out there, you better be like the brave Lieutenant Ripley. In the event that the aliens are not friendly, and exhibit display really big mouth, ready to fight. Yes, the technology and the latest amenities also help enough: make sure to find good professional transport companies.





The changes are not always to another house. The nature in all its splendor dazzles us with its flowers, its forms and its skies. So is he young protagonist of this film directed by Sean Penn, who ends up living his dream with the basics in a motorhome. However, blunders: miscalculates the
issue of food and is forced to eat a poisonous weeds. If you want to live in nature , you must first perform a study of fundamental field in the face of basic needs. In addition, currently, renewables offer endless possibilities.


In to the wild




This film by Richard Linklater, witnessing continuous changes removal of a child with his sister throughout his short life to adulthood. His mother decides to study for a better future and move to Texas. There matriarch (played by Patricia Arquette, the seer of the Medium series) is getting remarried and divorced, so shipments will be continuous. But despite the busyness, what prevails above all is the love of family and able to adapt to all conditions. Boyhood



But imagine if you move house without going through the mess of boxes or having to store and remove objects! Well, truth is that transport companies will facilitate this work, but is that in the case of Jack Campbell (Nicholas Cage the simpar) passes a luxurious apartment in the exclusive Manhattan to a little house in New Jersey but well
surrounded by women and children with only close his eyes. When choosing what you prefer?


Family man




Yeah, well, you're a bit like in the case of the protagonist family, you are not overly draw attention because of your profession. Do not do them! Definitely, if you were mafia before, it is best that you change your personality a bit, and you conform to the neighborhood. Things are asking for a \ "please \" and \ "thank you \".






The changes not only involve opening of new house and buying furniture: Family, Fernando León de Aranoa also shows that you can \ "buy \" full family. So, you can rent a hearty pack consisting of mother, son, daughter and even grandparents played by professional actors. But then it does not show unhappy with the result.





The brokers tend to stress. Therefore, it is very normal for one day decide to completely change of scenery and return, for example, the scene of his childhood. So with Max (Russell Crowe), who moves to the "chateau" French uncle in the heart of Provence, although initially to sell. Succulent wines, exceptional food and a
woman will make you change your mind and finally stay there to live. It is always good to be guided by the spirit rather than by monetary interests.


A Good Year




Coraline is an intelligent and curious child. You just moved with his parents and, inspecting your new home, encounters a strange door.
Once transferred, discovers a world apparently the same as yours, but instead of eyes, its inhabitants have ... buttons! Oops! Be careful and always looks better accompanied you decide to have a look around!






In conclusion, the changes are a serious matter. But previously, you must know by heart your new context. First, find out all the past of your new home (if violent crimes were committed in it, if it was suicide, if its former inhabitants were ordinary people ...).





Second, know your neighborhood and see what business needs they might have, in addition to take very well with everyone.

Third, equip your home with the necessary technology.
Finally, since you do not have the gift of teleportation, confident transport companies: they will make the best quotation .









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