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Kid yourself, sooner or later you will have to do some moving. Well, that or you become one of those people who spend their lives living in his parents' house, tiradito on the couch and playing video console. Mind you, that's not a bad plan, but it is to be clapping. So the issue of the changes will be appearing regularly in your life several times (because, dude, you will pass by several houses, probably rent until you find that perfect nest in which to rest your bones).


Sooner or later you move

Do not panic, the removal of one of the more or less frequent events that are surrounded by more literature, legends, traditions, and, why not say, general fear. Stories of lost pets, young children seem to be in a movie with the "Home Alone", Family forgotten memories, ghosts that appear to make it a little harder to move, etc. In fact, you'll have all kinds of stories to choose which one you like best.


But relax, because many of these legends are just that ... funny cartoons that we have to have a good time. Yes, there are others that are real and see that perhaps these are the strangest. Because today we're going to talk about legends, myths and stories related to the changes ... To show you that a move is not only sweat and effort, but also a space that generates the best stories, the kind that accounts laughs. Or rather, stories that you'll have when you have successfully completed your move, of course.


myths of moving





The first thing we are going to talk is of traditional myths about the changes ... and some newly created urban legend that takes a few years floating around the Net. And, it seems incredible that an item as seemingly concrete and aseptic as a move can create so many stories about him ... but that's what you think before you get involved in your first move, when you see that this can become an adventure.


The adventure of moving


For example, in South Korea the changes are represented almost ritualistic elements, specific days and must be done a certain way. The companies themselves warn that the changes should be made ​​in days without evil spirits because, otherwise, the evil entities could continue to homeowners to their new home. To avoid this, the same companies offer a timetable showing moving auspicious days and ominous, so customers can choose everything in advance and have no such problems. We will have to ensure also that the move occurs on a rainy day, because that is synonymous with luck and wealth to those who enter into a new house.


Rainy moving


Surely this tradition comes from the idea of water as a multiplier of life and their influence on crops and property and wealth. The day of the move have to pack things in the truck or van without cleaning the old house, not even wipe down any surface or sweeping. The reason for this is believed to leave behind dust can confuse the evil spirits, who think that there are still people living there and not be tempted to move them too. For new residents when they arrive at the house and clean the dust, the spirits will have been tired of waiting for the humans who dwell in the house and will have left his own world. Such stories are common in the Far East: for example, in Japan, the new tenants should make an offering to the spirits of the ancestors of the ancient inhabitants, like leaving a lit candle.


moving spirits





One of the most popular urban legends recent years also has a moving protagonist. We warn you again that it is an urban legend, so you should not take it as true in any way. But go, it's very entertaining to tell and listen.

The story tells the adventures of a family who is about to move to another home. In the middle of moving, have the misfortune of the family grandmother, who had a very old, dies. The parent thinks ... if you now have to call doctors to report such death will be a real mess, since Grandma died in the old home, and surely the police go to this, given the strangeness of the situation.

So, without thinking twice, decided to include a "lump" in his most moving and cover with blankets Grandma's body, charging it with the other things in the moving van. Once in the new home, the father thinks, they will call a hospital saying that Grandma had a stroke, and when the paramedics arrive, find the poor dead woman. A perfect plan, right? Nothing can go wrong. But the reality is, almost always, very stubborn, and something went wrong, what if it went wrong.

It is unfortunate that our van driver stopped at a service area to refuel and took a moment to go to the toilet. When it came out it was huge surprise ... someone had stolen the vehicle, with all their belongings inside ... and the body of the grandmother. Of course, if the surprise was big, it is difficult to imagine what they thought the hapless thieves when they unwrapped the macabre "gift."


Caption moving





Crimes are also some good players moving stories, stories that are also quite real, perfectly testable. That is, do not talk about urban legends, but news that has been in the papers (the credibility you give to one or the other it is up to you). For example, it is well known what happened in 2013 in the district of Las Rozas Zaragoza, served as a move to seize more than eleven kilos of marijuana. Or rather, a moving subject to the ford.

moving real news

So, history tells us that in that area of Zaragoza had, in early October 2013, a reserved removal ford, one of those areas that are currently not available for the parking of vehicles other than trucks moving ...
Come on, a signal that no neighbor wants to see. And so they had little desire to see it, without thinking twice, young parked the car in that ford and went there for a drink. With such bad luck (or good, depending on where you look for the story) that the municipal police Aragonese capital went through that area, I saw the ford, improper parking and proceeded to issue recetita resulting in the windshield.

The kids, scared, rushed out of the room where they were and faced the police ... that if they had just stopped for a moment, if it was not so bad, if they had not seen the moving truck ... Come on, the typical excuses. What happens is something that should be displayed aggressive forms because the agent, tired of everything, asked for documentation of the vehicle and leave him to see what was inside.

Presumably, then kids would move his face and begin to repent of their bad mood, because in the trunk, police found more than eleven kilos of marijuana were seized. The drivers were taken, with driver and all, to the nearest police station, so that night had no problem parking.

What is the lesson of this story? Well actually two. The first is that the Fords for removals are not always negative or a nuisance to the neighbors, but sometimes serve to unravel a crime (and, although this rarely happens, think that at some point you'll have to do a move and appreciate much ford .... we guarantee it). The second is that, if you take eleven kilos of marijuana in the trunk of your car, you may pay a parking ticket quietly and not make a scene the police is a good idea ... right?

Myth moving


But not all changes in a city are so preposterous as the above. Of course, if you're moving to a city, you have to take into account some particularities. The first is the fact that parking in town is complicated and sometimes moving trucks can not park in loading and unloading. Request a temporary ford can take a hell of paperwork, so maybe the best thing is to sweat a bit and make the last flight of shuttle walk. Of course, for that, it's best to rely on a professional moving company ... or a small group of friends with good intentions. Yes, always with care and without lifting too much weight to the back, we do not want to get hurt just to get into your new home.




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