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Wednesday, 10th of June of 2015

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Today, moving from one city to another is no longer a setback or discomfort. The transportation of furniture and objects can take many forms, but ensures greater security is hiring a company specialized and professional movers. If the destination is Barcelona, ​​the company hired movers ensure the quality, safety and confidence to their most prized possessions reach their destination in perfect condition. A removal company in Barcelona should offer a customer-oriented and needs service, customize your prices to make them affordable to the pocket and hold a meeting prior to the move and in the home to analyze customer requirements and carry them out of the most professional way possible.



Custom moving





Do not forget that a move is not just a formality, but the mobilization of a lifetime, a step forward no return and a new challenge in life for the customer. What is transported goes beyond being a series of objects with an economic value. It is all the effort achieved during probably a lifetime of work and dedication. Therefore, the moving companies that offer a range of guarantees and run along many years are those that not only consider the price factor, but also the emotional, which today makes up the difference between a and other companies.





Our removals service in Barcelona takes into account such important services such as furniture kept in a particularly suitable location, to be preserved in perfect condition until they leave the premises and collection of furniture stores. Do not forget that, on many occasions, furniture and objects expected in the place of purchase to be taken directly to the new housing or new space. It also addresses the packaging of fragile or bulky, liable to a fine when moving from one space to another deal. Also highlights the urgent transport service without losing the security and quality of service; and packaging and packaging of goods, which takes into account the characteristics of the object and the assembly and disassembly of furniture.




These services provide a guarantee for the customer is satisfied and recommend to other people mover. It also works inside and outside the Spanish territory and can make national and international transports.







Consider the organization, a few weeks earlier, so the move will not be a last minute chaos. The ideal is to contact the company about three weeks before the due date, so that the company can manage its agenda in good time, answer questions, sign the contract and coordinate the operation. So the customer must know exactly the origin and destination of the vehicle, the volume of cargo carried and the exact date on which the service is required.



A removal company in Barcelona provides a personalized service, which maintains a close contact with customers in their own homes and with all the confidence and guarantees that leads to learn about customer service and meet all your needs. The person responsible for making the move is responsible for the coordination of contract staff, and the process of packaging, packaging, assembly and disassembly of furniture as both objects. At that meeting, the company takes into account various factors when making the budget, for example: The square meters of housing (depending on its size and the volume to be transported, the price may vary), the amount , size and type of objects; best suited for each packaging; if the house has an elevator; and ease of access for a large transport. After obtaining this data, the company estimates the number of workers who go to the move and therefore can calculate a personalized estimate at an affordable price, depending on the needs and requests of the customer.




Moving company Barcelona



Then a contract specified in a clear and concise manner, so there is no doubt whatsoever is drawn: the rights and obligations of the parties; the description of the service to be performed; the date and place where they are loaded and unloaded the furniture and objects; insurance against damage and loss of goods, should they occur; and the breakdown of the price and method of payment; also added a section of amount of compensation for loss and dispute resolution procedure. The contract is signed by the company and the customer, once the parties are in complete agreement on needs and requirements. Importantly, there are many moving companies in the market, but not all meet the requirements necessary to perform such activity. A removal company in Barcelona must be entered in the register of movers of the Directorate General for Transport of Barcelona and, therefore, in possession of special authorization to carry out the removal service, granted by the City from Barcelona.

The next step, after signing the contract, is to arrange the furniture as well as possible, in order to expedite and facilitate the move to the company. It is important to clean all objects that are home to avoid unexpected When wrapping or packaging surprises. The ideal is to get rid of all objects, furniture or appliances that are not to be used, in any way, in the new space. Seniority or disuse, it is essential that everything is perfectly organized on the move for the staff to pack, pack and number each box quickly and efficiently.



moving cleaning


Should be cleaned thoroughly all appliances: refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, etc ... It is advisable to separate dishes, glassware, cutlery and china, because it is very delicate furniture. Therefore it requires special treatment by the company, with a special and marked with a tape on which you can read "very fragile" packaging. It is important to empty all materials as cabinets or drawers. It is also advisable not to carry food of any kind. Care must be taken to clean the carpets, before rolling. Important documents should have them all together for the company's packed in the same box. Clothing should be separated and can be ordered from the company with hangers for coats and garments larger.

It is advisable to inquire whether, at the place of destination, certain permits are required to make the move, as there are neighboring communities and municipalities that are very strict with this type of activities and special permission is required to develop them. You have to reserve the space for parking the truck or truck and also apply for a permit at the town council to put a lift crane, if there is no elevator in the house or furniture will not fit for the stairs, not having enough space. It is especially important to know if the street that is close transit trucks or heavy traffic, to avoid inconvenience to the residents and vehicles in the area.

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Downloading objects and furniture is particularly sensitive. No matter whether it is furniture of varying size or objects and garments better or worse quality. Avoid, at all costs, that the goods suffer any damage because you never can have the value for the customer is known. For this reason, Mudanzas Barcelona is equipped with a highly qualified, professional and committed, and working with packaging materials and packaging of high quality staff: bubble wrap, boxes and highly resistant adhesive tape with marking, among others. So that each object is processed and transported as gently as possible. In addition, operators have a specialized transport vans, trucks or trailers intended for removal and all kinds of accessories, such as lifts or cranes designed for the raising or lowering of heavy or bulky furniture.


Taking into account all these characteristics and recommendations, a fixed date for the move, a good organization of all that is to carry and the guarantee of confidence in the company to leave the most precious thing you have in your hands, the changes may no longer be a nightmare to become a quick and easy process
for the customer. Always supported by a service professional, with maximum guarantees of reliability and services, with the confidence of a serious company and working with qualified professionals with the assurance that all goods and dearest belongings reach their destination, just as they left. All this means that a day on which carries a lifetime is a desired day and full of emotions.

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