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50 Shades of Grey is undoubtedly one of the most impressive in recent years literary phenomena. Recently premiered the film was a worldwide success.


But how someone with as many resources as Christian Grey has managed to move their valuables to his naughty corner? How can you also get the same kind of service that Christian Grey for your move in Barcelona?





His biographical circumstances have branded the charisma of Grey. He, in fact, you know what a move. He lived a young man, his adoptive family to move from Detroit to Seattle. In the city of grunge Grey forge his legend, where will your home and business offices.


Seattle Grey

In the same way that the powerful personality of Grey hike expectations (especially for women), we understand that also generates curiosity to know where you live or work. We tend to think that the residences of individuals convey information about their moods. And we were not wrong. This is the case of the workplace and the home of Grey. We begin with the former.





Grey works in a top floor high-rise office he owns, similar to the Mapfre Tower of Barcelona. Metaphor therefore power and
domain. From the heights, Grey control what employees do and even the city, because it has fantastic views. No exaggeration to say that is a god in his own universe. He sees little people and provides, through its decisions, the lives of their employees.


moving office


Certainly, to install the furniture in this office, as did Grey, you should hire a team of removals in Barcelona specialized in vertical works. This is a service that requires important precautions and sophistication.


Moreover, Grey's house is a corner of your life that interests us. In its rooms the passages of the book and the perversions to which this man undergoes the protagonist develop. Surely a guy with such aesthetic conception of life and power relations as moving Grey did not leave his home in the hands of a company either. Make the same for your move in Barcelona as any careful person details. Hire a special service, ie a service of international or national moving that offers personalized and advanced means of transportation.


Moving trust company

In addition, Grey again chooses heights. In this case, lives in a penthouse with glass windows from which you can enjoy superb views
Seattle. Therefore, vertical work also needed so that operators of moving could upload their furniture and belongings in a safe condition. As is admired the lifestyle of Grey, also excites readers recreate every corner of your home. A home where luxury and sophistication are part of everyday life.






First, Anastasia white lobby stands in line to create light and airy feel, in connection with crystals from which the city is observed. One aspect is surprising is the amount of pictures hanging in the halls of the house of Grey. Anastasia far as to compare the house with a gallery. Entrepreneurs with purchasing power as of Grey can afford to purchase unique works (some of these paintings, made ​​in auctions) and prohibitive for the rest of mortals prices. It is a way of providing exclusivity and style to a home. Just keep in mind the delicate work of transporting these pictures . They are objects that can not be damaged at all, since some damage may be irreversible. In this sense, techniques for packaging and require careful packaging.


moving packaging



Also, the moving service staff should behave with discretion and caution, since some of these acquisitions may be confidential. Consequently, Grey, a person who is serious about their work, can only engage the services of a moving company for your full confidence.


Grey attaches key importance to the interior. The distribution in home spaces combining design and practicality. Always in the line of modernism and modernist aesthetic. The fact ergonomic comfort. The furniture is logically an essential part in this composition interior. And Grey spares no furniture. From large sofas spectacular designs fireplace plated material. The presence of these sumptuous furnishings makes us think of a care when transporting end (you can even use special or exclusive vehicles to move these goods). This service includes the furniture, that is, an installation of the mover, which stores the furniture in perfect condition and with complete security. In addition, the vertical nature of penthouse Grey invites us to think that it has taken significant vertical works. In this regard, companies engaged in the changes have technological innovations that allow them to offer service Furniture assembly. By their own systems of forklifts saved any height and furniture or other belongings on the floor as necessary climb. The most spectacular case load of heavy material (post lifting) in moving Grey relates to the huge piano plays the protagonist when the anxieties produced by his complex personality not let him sleep.


moving belongings


Moreover, in Grey's house, for example, there are a large number of chairs. When all these elements move in a move, there must be a minimum coordination. That is, they have to mark the rhythms and set times for each task. For example, we must devote specific time to packaging. Also, a move can not be carried out under conditions of minimal care if cleaning is not guaranteed. Besides, while the gear is removed, you can not be everything turned upside down. Fortunately, the moving companies operate with a timing adapted to each type of work performed.


In the same way that furniture or bulky items have a transport dynamics peculiar to the displacement of small gadgets are also needed special precautions. This applies, for example, electronic devices, in its modern and pragmatic desire, use Grey. Obviously, packaged in smaller boxes (with the inscription on its fragility) and are padded to avoid irreparable damage to these sensitive objects.

A special service would be the transfer of their sex toys for bondage and sadomasochistic practices. Apart from satin wrap these gadgets, Grey might prefer to be boxed with hot and lewd references. Maybe you could associate each box to their favorite scenes domination. In this sense, a drawing would say much more than an instruction manual. This identification of cases occur after a first discrete and aseptic packaging transport operators by the movers. Do not forget that Grey is a jealous guardian of its areas of privacy. It has a room where he sleeps alone, and the Red Room of Pain, which unleashes passions dominant male can only be accessed with your key. Anastasia felt in this room as in the Spanish Inquisition. The bed, the colors and other details Anastasia moved to a period decor in this particular torture chamber.

personal objects moving

To properly acclimate this room and perform the amordazamientos and most unlikely positions, Grey has needed a bed large enough for these sex games. The furniture itself a space for sadomasochism can be purchased at specialty stores and is highly likely that those who wish to acquire these items privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, it is an additional service that also provide movers in Barcelona. When engaged in transfers related to luxury homes, offered as an extra the possibility of recourse to specific shops and take from there the furniture or objects to its new location.

In short, the example of 50 Shades of Grey serves to assess the importance of professional moving services when facing a project of this nature in modern cities, such as Barcelona.

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