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mudanzas internacionales desde barcelona mudanzas internacionales barcelona

It all started one rainy night, after one of those stressful days at the office and after taking too long without making one of my trips to the mountain necessary to descontaminarme of such urban pollution. He fell before my eyes, while changing television channels without much enthusiasm, a program that opened again the illusion and mind. In it, some Spaniards had the camera his experience living abroad, specifically in Costa Rica.


And I said, "Why not? Here in Barcelona I feel increasingly trapped, I do not have children yet, but would have to convince my wife, which itself is somewhat tied to his family in the village ". "Well, anyway I have to try," I thought, and I looked for work in that country, to learn their customs, their way of life until now, months later, I am here, with you, with suitcases ready, with all my house, my personal belongings and my life, and across the pond with international moving company with a new project ahead.


Moving luggage


- I hope this farewell party is not a goodbye but a see you soon and keep in touch despite the distance. Come on guys, now with social networks and all that not be that hard, right?


- Go, go, you've always been an adventurer, but I do not know if I could ...


- Why not? Yes, it is true that I have always liked traveling, adventure sports, seek new challenges, but this is different. I do not expect regarding the ability of everyone to have a more or less adventurous, but with the desire to consider new challenges, to learn new ways to live entertainment and, ultimately, to grow.


- Now, John, but you will understand that it has caught us by surprise this. Here we had done as a small UN with friends around the world and now we are shelling the group ...


- Yeah, I understand. But in this country we have always come out to look for life. For a while we thought we had reversed the trend. We become the destination for thousands of people around the world, but I think that's over. People will continue coming, yes, Barcelona has much to offer. Its industry, its attractions, its history, its people, of course. I take great memories of my time as director of information, but I think it was time to change . We as journalists, we must always be open to see life differently, to contrast, even in our own skin, what we do and what we are, and I think that's what I do now. In addition, the draft national television in Costa Rica is very interesting. I will let you know thoroughly the country, and, not least, I can go into the forest, which covers much of the diversity of the planet.



Farewell moving




The truth is that, although not recognize, was not all that easy. In my circle of friends happened to be an adventure and daring person, but sometimes I feel that I appear more than I am. That is, I have built this kind of interesting shell to also hide certain insecurity in me. Sure, a manager must not show weakness, should lead the group and, most importantly, build trust. I think I've achieved but, for example, to face changing my life radically, literally have to disassemble my house in Barcelona, ​​where I have lived ten years, I exceeded.


transport home


Fortunately, international moving company took care of everything. A friend who lives in Germany, another group that has given me advised his pace and so far, I'm very happy. My main concern was whether it was going to arrive in good condition, which, I must admit, I still lose sleep. Do not wait to be already in San Jose and check that it has to Chinese vase that gave me my mother arrived in one piece. Although, if I have to be honest, I would not mind too much to part with it, but of course, my wife is very fond.


She also walked the sea of confusing and all doubts.



certainly mudaza




Luckily the agent of change came to us from the beginning, made ​​an estimate, reassured us, explained how they were going to pack things, where they were to travel and even provided insurance for if there was any mishap. She really what flying was not going too far, let alone what to get rid, even for a while, of all things, their clothes, their furniture ... We had thought about renting a storage room in Barcelona if decided to return, but finally decided that if we were going to take the plunge, we would all consequences. Yes, some furniture of lesser value, especially knockdown, we took the van with my cousin to my mother's house. She has plenty of room and, frankly, some even will do you good.



van removals





After a lifetime of living in the center of Barcelona, ​​walking the streets, regularly coming to the market La Boqueria, watching the sea from the Montjuic with my wife or running away to the Pyrenees when he could not know how I will get used to Costa Rica, but I am confident that everything will be fine. Yes, I know I am a person who adapts to changes, but I'm afraid that this exceeds me. However, I have the support of my family, my wife and who knows, maybe soon have a child in Central America.


Bebe in moving


- Come on John, come we have to offer, not every day a friend becomes "tico". Sure you'll be fine there, you're a type cast "pa 'front'.

- Thank you, Richard, glad I have you here precisely these days, your advice has been very helpful for the move. Are you sure you will all good, right?

- Sure, man. Do not I say, this company is fully trusted. When I made ​​the move from Barcelona to Berlin could not imagine without my couch and my plasma TV, but can not see my surprise when I walked into my new apartment and saw there all placed, almost had a shock. Just do not be like going to happen meter jewelry your wife there or your share certificates. That must travel with you. I hope you did to me and Dieras prioritize your things more personal value, photo albums, memories ... yes it is irreplaceable.

- Yes, yes, this is all in the boat from Barcelona to there. I told them took care of all formalities with customs and also, as you said, unpacking in new home. I'm dying to see it too in the photos looked stunning with pool and everything. Do not wait to be there anymore.

moving from Barcelona


And the truth is that it's true, after all this time of preparation, questions and inquiries of all kinds, finally the time is near. Toco notes and a chill runs through me thinking that my life will overturn but at the same time is exciting and hopeful. Who knows, maybe one of these days is I who comes out on TV telling my adventures in another country. I, and even more so considering how things are around here, I would advise everyone, at least it arises. To request a quote and assess whether you should. Do not be afraid, nor by the international move , which as you can see in the end is less complicated than it sounds, thanks to all the amenities you get the specialized companies and also by transport today that make everything seem much closer and accessible, even a small Central American country located thousands of miles.

moving sofa


My wife, contrary to what might seem, is even more excited than me. At first it cost to get an idea. But, as has been reporting, is increasingly convinced. The same thing happened with the international move. Thought rent an apartment and furnished, selling our stuff here but of course, it would be really undersell and then live with other things that were not chosen by us or also rent empty and furnish it, but that wasnt much time to choose, to Finally, an expense.

We decided on what we think was the sensible thing: take our stuff. Thus, in addition, although we are far somehow we feel at home. Ah, after much research, also we know the best way for us to regularly send Spanish food; but of course, the ham, aged cheese ... no we may be missing.

moving food

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