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CreacomTuesday, 30th of December of 2014

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The end of the year is approaching and it's time to take stock. Have you achieved your goals? Do you feel done or else think the year has passed almost unnoticed, without inducement or you could have done something else?


If you feel that you have not maximized the last 365 days, take pen and paper and write good intentions for next year.


Write them down and take them out ...!





- Be more supportive: For years we live a crisis does not end to end. An excellent idea that will make you feel proud of yourself and solidarity is helping others. Surely there solidarity programs in your city, such as food banks that need volunteers. Depending on the time you have available, contributes to the cause.




- Buy less but better quality: sometimes bought by compulsion and came to a house full of items and almost useless supplements Next year set a goal to buy fewer, but is committed to quality and usefulness of these objects..




- Move: sports positively influences in your life. No excuses like "I'm very stressed," precisely because sport helps you relieve it. It's like a healthy drug: the more you practice the more you earn will follow. Your body and mind will be rekindled, you just have to choose the sport that you feel most comfortable. Also, if you're alone, be aware that sport also helps you to socialize and meet new people. Need some reason? Do not hesitate: Trial!


Playing sports


- Slims: if you can spare some extra kilos is the time to go for a progressive and healthy weight loss: it's not just a cosmetic issue, it's a health issue. Become a blood test to determine if you have problems with sugar or cholesterol and set a goal to lose weight using natural products and healthy eating;
Forget products rich in fats, processed sweets and soft drinks. If you think your weight is appropriate, nor is it more make a detox diet after the excesses of Christmas. It purifies your body by drinking at least two liters of water a day and help yourself to fresh vegetables, yogurt, red tea, cashews,
cayenne pepper, etc. Come to an herbalist to let you know what natural herbs can help you achieve your purpose.




- Changes from home: Are you tired of the man upstairs? Do not take it anymore barking dog attic? Your house is too far from work and makes you waste time? It's time to ask yourself change of address. Take it easy and weigh all possibilities according to your budget and your needs: proximity to work or school children, square footage, comfort of the rooms, etc. Once decided, seeks to base decorating your new home with Feng Shui, you'll see how you feel harmonized with the environment. This ancient practice seeks comfort to the inhabitants of the house; with simple rules that determine colors, natural fabrics and the color of furniture and accessories, you've got a home that exudes harmony, well-being and who want you can always go back.




- Quit smoking: you have no excuses. You know it's bad for your health and those around you. Do not calm, it's just a psychological feeling as the snuff accelerates your pulse and not vice versa. To quit all you need is will, but if you can not think you can go to your nearest health center to join one
organizing programs or any private institution to help you through treatments (have you tried hypnosis?) to achieve your goal. Calls also helps your pharmacist in the market there are many products that can make the easy way to stop smoking.


Give up smoking


- Learn a language: learning keeps our brain in shape and also feel that you are doing something useful. You can learn a new language (Chinese or Russian are very fashionable and find multiple courses to effect) or reinforce one you already know (English is and will remain the most important, ask yourself refresh your vocabulary).


Learn languages


- What happened to your hobbies? Do you remember how well you passed small collecting stickers, stamps or coasters? Find a new hobby or takes someone who already had running as it is shown that hobbies help concentration and reduce stress levels. Keeping busy mind you'll be giving a mini vacation to the routine.




- Speaking of holidays ... Since when do not make a Getaway Did You fulfilled your dream destination you know that both drew attention? Starting from early this year to develop a budget and head toward that goal. Ponte as it looks to get make that trip so many times you've been putting off. And, if the budget does not give you
that possibility, consider making a short break once a quarter. With each pulse and notice you will take a small breath of freedom.




- Learn a new discipline can be crocheting, explore the world of painting, sign up for a course in creative writing, take a course in landscape photography (useful for those holiday getaways that are already projecting), etc. There are many things that might interest you and it's time to learn.


- Socialize: sign up to a hiking group, a paddle tournament, go to one of those parties you attend always decline it organizes a gathering of alumni career or institute, invite your friends to dinner at home etc. Picks up old friendships and make new ones.


- Have fun: sure in your city you will find an activity that you have not tried. It may be playing a game of escape, go ice skating, ballooning ... Ponte aim to do something different at least once a month.


- Catch up with new technologies: we are in the Internet age and is useful to be aware of all developments. New products, which social networks can be interested, look for a forum where you find people with similar interests, conduct a course on marketing, etc.


- Lee: reading help your mind to feel active, will expand knowledge and will keep you busy. If you need a little push, join a book club; you will feel \ "forced \" to read the proposed title. Once started you'll see how to go on. In addition to the latest news, you can reread that book You can, surely now you see it from another perspective. Even dare to give that volume left half and still on the shelf of your library a second chance.

- Write: open a blog (there are many platforms where you can find free templates) and write about what interests you. It can be as a diary where you tell your aspirations or what happens to you daily. You can capture thoughts, post your photos, write about the last trip you've made. Do some research on
network and dive; gradually they will arrive visits to your blog. Even if you pretend not become famous, the feeling that what you write like you will love.
Also, if you always liked poetry or stories, takes up these hobbies. To give you a plus, participate in a literary contest organized in your locality; begins with the most modest and go up in ranks. You never know when you might get your chance!

- Music accompanies us from birth. It makes us feel good, gives us peace, we elevates mood and always find a song that fits our life time. Attend concerts (many free) or learn to play an instrument. If you know, why do not you get up and organize a band with friends? In addition to amuse, after months of testing, you can participate in a contest for amateur groups. It's not about winning, but the mere participation will make you feel proud of yourself.

- Reacquaint. What you said when you were younger? Were you the funniest of the group and now, however, is the gray face you saw your days? Do you fill your empty messages without fibs? Have you too lofty for the successes? Have you forgotten who you were? Do some soul and begins the year trying
back to being who you were. If you do not remember, ask family and friends; sure you remember a story of your life that will suggest a clue.

Ends a year, but begins a new period full of new opportunities, 365 days for you to enjoy to the fullest, so that harmony and the physical and mental well return to your life, so again be you and your good intentions to a successful conclusion.

It's in your hand, even!


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