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Wednesday, 17th of June of 2015

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Removals in Barcelona are a recurring service. Not surprisingly, the old city is a capital city dominated by the frenetic rhythms of life and a high population density. In fact, the incidence of the metropolitan area and its bedroom communities also causes a strong demand removal service. Moreover, the capital is one of the gates of Europe in Spain. It is an open location and maintaining relationships of all kinds, cultural and economic, with the most important European cities of its surroundings. In this respect, it is not uncommon for international removal services in Barcelona are also consolidated as an essential business sector.









Carry out international removals in Barcelona involves assessing the services generally are engaged in a normal moving but with greater profusion of details and conditions. Also not surprisingly, the price will tend to rise. In fact, not all companies offer the option of international removals. Basically, you have to have human resources (wide and qualified staff) and especially materials (vehicles or special packaging) number. Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, that's a city that usually offer this service international removals, from the tourist and commercial vocation that companies and individuals in the city have shown since ancient times. Include, for example, the transcendental importance of the port of Barcelona. Next to Valencia, it is one of the most important of the Mediterranean. For him go, every day, tons of freight cargo. It acts as a sign of continued flow of transfers between Catalonia and the rest of the world. Moreover, of course, international removals in Barcelona are carried out with more sophistication than the freight.



Barcelona port



Be considered in an international move


Certain reasons are crucial when ordering international removals. First, it should maintain a smooth working relationship with the global network of correspondents who perform these services frequently. One of the reasons why they are hired is its great capacity for packing and unpacking. Needless to say, on long journeys, it is even more necessary, if possible, that the goods are stored and moor conditions. Another essential aspect of international removals in Barcelona will be the availability. Sometimes orders requiring special urgency involved; for example, decorating a house is moved from Barcelona to Rome in a day. This can only be achieved by combined transport services. It may be equally necessary the combination of land, air and sea communications. A firm performing this type of service has to handle a large address book. In addition, you also require the availability covers 365 days a year. Therefore, the profile of users of the international moving corresponds to affluent customers, who can pay a price commensurate with the quality required of this service.



international removals


Among the companies handling international relations frequently (case of a multinational that wants to move its offices from a European capital to another) it is even possible to transfer services between third countries contracted, away from the base on which lies the head office or parent signature. Sometimes, an option that serves to lower generally international removal service is to establish weekly routes through some of the most important cities in the European Union (Berlin, Paris, London and Barcelona). In cases of really large companies with a network of commissions and relevant partners, the possibility of establishing sub-offices of the mover by the most marked locations on the continent. The procedures to be performed in a process of international moving are very similar to those made ​​in the draft national moving. The first operations to be taken into account are:



- Inspection prior art, in which the logistical details of the move will be reviewed.

- Preparation of the budget, depending on the conditions of transfer.

- Reserve dates.

- Collection and packing in the old home.

- Transport (by boat, plane or truck) to the destination and unpacking therein.




In another vein, international removals special weight acquires legal advice. The transfer of borders means knowing different laws, enforce mandatory international standards and process documents with the requirements specified in each country.



international removals







This is not a trivial matter, it is appropriate to consider a number of tips to avoid mistakes that will cost expensive:



- Estimates should not be accepted by telephone. It is a really important process, so it has to be carried out in the same place that later will work. Obviously, an assessment of logistics and goods have to be made. If a company does not want its workers to move to take notice and offer an in situ budget should be immediately suspicious. Even possible, in unserious companies that want to charge services on which previously had not spoken, as supplements for packing boxes.



- The budget must be left closed. They should avoid last minute problems, such as those mentioned above. They are not to be fringe, for example, on issues such as insurance and packaging.



moving equipment



- The Department of Consumer Affairs or any association mover must approve the budget. Thus, unfair terms and conditions will be avoided and the prices will be common in the sector.


- It is also essential to know the VAT number of the company and its exact address. This requirement is particularly important in the case of complaints, so you must know in advance the trade name of the company.


- It must specify the sum insured and have one franchise. Insurance basically comprise the total value of the goods, without additional supplements.


- The budget must contain some data concerning the time and manner of complaints: time limit, place and format are managed.


- Must contain one particular box stipulations in the contract. In this way, the client can indicate whether it is compliant or not with any provision or particular service.



moving contract





ASSESSING THE INTERNATIONAL budget of removals in Barcelona

When valuing more depth issues of international moving, worth following a series of recommendations to clarify what kind of services are budgeting. Forms a process in which both the customer and the mover must gather as much information. No detail should be left to improvisation, which interests of both sides, facing the successful operation and mutual satisfaction. First, it is of paramount importance in shaping the budget millimeter know the place of origin and destination of the move. These data are essential for planning the necessary time and meet the commission and also to calculate the money that will be invested in paying fuel and tolls. Undoubtedly, this is a basic section and key international moves.




One of the most valued aspects for setting a price is the calculation of cubic meters occupied by the goods that are to be moved. This question, in fact, is linked to the need (especially in the case of international moving) trucks adapted for loading heavy weights that are foreseen in international removals. The fleet of vehicles (they can do several missing), therefore, represents something fundamental, besides the already mentioned connections with other modes of transport. Also in the international removals in Barcelona, ​​for up to several buildings in the city, you may be paid trucks, cranes or furniture mounting platforms.



International moving vehicles



Besides, in line to collect all the information possible, to be considered in the budget, access issues, floors and elevators. In fact, between the work of planning a move, you are the study whether to cut streets, making it obligatory to ask for special permits. Similarly, the need to hire additional services will be added. It should, moreover, the possibility to compare movers how these additional services (storage or collection in stores) are budgeted and choose the ones that suit you.




In short, after this relation of useful recommendations to know what it may cost an international move to Barcelona and how to compare between the services provided by companies, it only remains to decide to hire the right services and ask for a budget accordingly. With this information, you will have more security when choosing.



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