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mudanzas económicas

All of us at some point in our farthest or nearest life, we face a moving, which means as complex as important process. That if not more than once in life. Actually talked about the changes that crucial period when we moved to another home and after us, we all material possessions that we have accumulated to date. It is no easy task, let us have clear, we can not take our word superheroes and want to do everything ourselves; mostly because the consequences can be dire. It is best to seek advice from professionals who have experience and, most importantly, we offer full guarantees.


For example, a button, and to verify that the changes should not be taken lightly, here are some stories of transfers that became a nightmare.





No, we're not talking about the famous work. Although the protagonist sure would have loved it all a dream and waking the problem was over. Put yourself in situation: a young man who decides to launch the independence of your own home. Empty cabinet parental home, collect all the memories of his childhood, the study notes (you never know when you may be required to take a look), working papers, books, video games console, your collection of DVDs and countless more objects. In total, more than 40 cases in which practically summarizes his life. Do not want to upset their parents and go short of money, thinks movers are expensive and thinks, "This'll do it slowly." Download, upload, download and upload all the boxes was not easy. The result? Unpacked boxes in their new house, boxes earring in his old home, things you need and do not know if you have them between what has already brought or what's left to bring ... So for more than 3 months. You will not be left wanting more.


endless moving




Even those that are can say that mount not bring them more of a headache furniture. Moving companies are not only the "paracetamol" which overcomes these pains, but also to transport, some also offer the possibility to hire the service of assembling furniture. However, John decided to impress his girlfriend Ana, with whom he had just bought an apartment, taking care to assemble the furniture they had just bought in a great chain. Surely this story sounds more than a few years. However, poor instructions included parts, also joined the limited experience of John himself, became such a priori easy task in a real mess and start illusion of living together in a continuous fights between the two partners . And that MacGyver unfortunately only existed in fiction.


moving assembly




It is perhaps the nightmare we fear most everyone when we make a move and, unfortunately, most fulfilled when we do not do well. As mentioned in the introduction, it is essential that the moving company we hire is professional, experienced, and we offer guarantees and, above all, reliability. Otherwise we can go just as Thomas. He had always been the class smartass and decided that with the move also would and would save some money. But this time, rather than smartass it went from ready and paid the consequences. He saw a poster in the street in which a particular offered to make removals for a very affordable price and face to face. He called one day and agreed to pick up the boxes and move them to the new address. He climbed the material requested their money, Thomas paid and the individual was. So far so good. However, when it began to unpack ... Surprise! Where is the box mp4, TDT, bluetooth ...? As asked the question, he knew the answer. A dismissal or something intentional? How to claim if you do not have bill, not even a single received? He called back to the nice young man who had been commissioned to do the work but did not return a response.


moving robbery



Similar to the previous variant, the losing things along the way, is what happened to Rosa. She decided to resort to a "collaborative moving", or what is the same, claim help from family and friends so that together we will lend a hand in exchange for a reward as a snack on the floor after finishing work. Thus, not only would have a significant financial savings, but should not entrust such a task to one. Everyone knows: the pains and efforts, sharing is less. There were all "called", each carrying, climbing and dropping packets on the floor. When it was over and Rosa got down to work to put things in place, he realized that meanwhile grind and distribution, some boxes had fallen by the wayside and were lost; including the documents containing as writing or family book. In the end, the shock, disgust and paperwork has not left him.


oblivion moving




Samantha had a transfer, but not just any. He was leaving Toledo and moving to Barcelona for a change of immediate work, so moving to Barcelona was also rapid, more cumbersome than normal. He thought and looked different options to make the process with greater ease and speed possible, so he thought opt for a company parcel and express courier would be a good idea. The price did not vary much from a company itself but assured him moving so quickly take their belongings in your new city that was finally convinced. The messenger arrived one day later than planned, but the biggest surprise was not that. Do things fast should never be at odds with it right; even less in these cases. To save time, the company had little delicacy and some appliances had been beaten in the housing. And the worst: the tower of your PC (which had bought just two months) had also succumbed to poor maintenance of the messengers and had received a blow that meant the need for Samantha to buy a new computer to your new home.


blow moving




When is hired movers , we must ensure (and not tire of repeating) for their professionalism and everything is buttoned up. We do not mean to tie the packages, but that fit schedules, timing and coordination between the different parties involved. To do this, nothing better than having reliable companies and to know His abundant experience. Esther and Edu latter failed them. They hired the services of a company to take charge of collecting, loading, unloading and climb the balcony all the furniture moved from the house in which they were leased to the floor that had just bought it so. With the illusion of living every step of his new life as owners and to make sure everything was in order, they decided to go to their newly purchased home to see how they climbed everything. But upon arrival, they met with sofas, bookcases and other furniture in the middle of the sidewalk, no trace of the truck that had left him there nor crane that is meant to upload. They quickly called to the office of the company and told them that there had been a miscalculation and Crane, who was in another move, did not come until several hours later. Worst of all was not having to be waiting and watching on the street, but when I finally got the articulated, had not requested permission to temporarily obstruct the street! When anger will be added a fine which Edu and Esther faced.


street furniture moving




The height of all the stories happened to Ruben and Carmen, who (like Thomas) decided to opt for a particular "friend of friends" to make them move. When they saw that the Lord did not reach the worst is feared. Confirmation came when I was told that he had suffered a drunk driving accident and their belongings had been completely destroyed. The worst part was not being able to claim the wrong doing of an unconscious self unconsciousness themselves when hiring your transfer.


Moving accident



If after reading these stories you're still thinking about the possibility of making a move on your own or with unqualified practitioners, immediately change your mind! The main advantages of a professional company are not only the convenience and effectiveness of their work, but avoid, especially, any of these problems. Do not play.


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