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Now is the big day and we're finally in your new home. Wore planning it a long time so that you can not believe everything is finished almost without realizing it. The move has been perfect and without any complications! Now relax you finish you will be accommodated in that new home will be your home, or better yet, leave and dreaming! It's time to wake up from this beautiful dream to finish packing the kitchen trying to tackle this time you can not break the good dishes.





Very simple, lack of coordination and above all trust often our most valuable possessions to unqualified persons, that we do NOT guarantee the security and confidence of professionals . And all save little money we ended up paying handsomely. You then have the typical disadvantages and problems that always arise in a move to try that will be the case also. If you want the best guarantee of success never forget the advice of your mother, “cheap is expensive“ and sometimes very expensive, as happens to some of our unfortunate protagonists.


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It is very common, if not the rule, that if you contact some "company" or "a professional" disreputable, when meeting them and yours differ slightly. And you bear a few hellish days placing and ordering everything as quickly as possible so that it is on time when he comes on the move, you realize that just should not have to pack so fast or Planearte arrival at your new home so soon, because they may hopefully expect a few hours and, as a rule, spend another night in that house full of boxes, which make dinner is going to be an ordeal for you, mostly because everything is packed and ready to go. Remember in these cases you can always pull sarnie.



Moving big?





This is the case of Ari: very unfortunate fell off with all the boxes for over 8 hours and when trying to communicate with the efficient removal company, there was no answer on the phone. To which our brave protagonist countered calling from a different phone, and the company, assuming it was another poor sucker who cheat, responded immediately and had no choice but to explain to Ari, with apologies cheap and lacking merit, who had both personally, and they seasick giving another number, probably nonexistent, to go to complain. Of course, neither a brief apology and fair compensation offered to our protagonist to satisfy her. As we see, respect and commitment to customers are no more values ​​gala wearing this "company". And, of course, this story completed giving this company another useful adage our mothers: "Ay Manolete, if you can not goad what you get in".


desperation in the moves




They are so common that bad moving here we have a few experiences to tell . For example, the transport company with which you have previously agreed a budget or has sent you their cheap rates online once the merchandise reaches you reset the price, obviously very up, or I'll shorten the itinerary follow, so they are not as cheap as you thought and you may have to carry on the last leg furniture shoulder.


It is very common that these companies play with very competitive in order to attract customers prices, but then moved out of the manga some extra spending or end who carries furniture, disassembled and is responsible for ensuring the goods is you, if you do not want to pay the plus. Also, do not offer any guarantee or take responsibility for your belongings. These companies often outsource to pirates in the end it turns out that neither know moving home, or take care of complications. That's when you realize that trust is so cheap these companies leave all your things and ultimately your life in unreliable hands also end up charging you triple what you'd agreed.


removals in the city




You collect all belongings on time and without undue burden, the transport carrier comes on time, accept moving goods, and not charge extra and fit everything in the truck is quite an accomplishment for an "enterprise" of the we discussed. But everything comes to the new house in perfect condition without the slightest scratch is a miracle, as such, since you say that has not happened yet.


A common problem is that, despite your finesse and effort, your furniture does not get to know their new home, as some die along the way. It is well and you'll be lucky if the object is broken is not the essential. It is the case of one of the victims of this type of odd jobs in addition to seeing how he broke the television, dishes or parts of your refrigerator had gone missing along the way, faced also a repair $ 1,000 of your new floor for damage caused by carriers in moving household goods. course, all this without a single apology, much less fair compensation.


If we add the pressure off the nerves and that is a moving, causes many to conceive such a horrible and tough pill to pass. A tip for future moves is that you contact professionals who will save heating head, hard work and will make things easier. And if a problem occurs, you will have the peace of mind that will be responsible for everything, so you do not have to worry about rather than what really matters.


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In this case, once upon a very honest carrier that helped South American immigrants to settle in Spain with all the comforts and security guarantees. Their work so seriously that the goods passed a tight security check at customs, so tight that never took out of there. Our honest carrier and came to defraud more than 33 people who very skillfully captured through internet or in person, when he went to the consulates of Colombia or Ecuador to offer their services to those who naively trust such element. And he is sure to take its first "good governance", but then were not able to cope with the high customs fees. Surely our good man thought the beds and cupboards would parade his risk and expense through control of metals and reach your destination without a problem. Flushing often see that our belongings are trapped in the tanks of the customs authorities of our country and our carrier a tip of € 35,000 takes its sound management.

In cases like this, where it is also an international move, it becomes even more imperative that we realize the importance of carefully choosing who will deliver our possessions. A serious company guarantees, first, that our items reach their destination, but also to do so with greater safety and care. Do not kid yourself, your peace and safety are worth more than save a few euros.

All these pirate companies take advantage of the crisis to make a killing without any qualms and we need to take into account not only the damage would pay us, but any kind of responsibility, such as accidents or injuries that may cause. Thus, we need to take into account several tips :

1st Do not rely excessively advantageous price which saves you almost half because it is an illegal company.

2nd For added security, you can consult the register of discharged companies that exist in communities and municipalities. If you are not on the list you can start to get suspicious.

3rd The budget should take you home inspector, who usually go with a corporate uniform and the document must be submitted in writing.

4th If the advertising company also provides plumbing, carpentry or electrician, it is normal to be a pirate company.

To get an idea, the cost of moving a two bedroom house, considering it takes place in a big city like Madrid or Barcelona will be much higher than in other communities, so if you offer the possibility of doing for much less, again, beware of its legality.

Keep these tips in mind and always looking for professionalism , thus, avoid shocks and have the peace of mind of a job well done. Do not let them take advantage of something as important as your home.

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