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Wednesday, 1st of April of 2015

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Moving house, office ... Who does not ever done? There are numerous reasons for moving, the economic situation improves and decided to move to a bigger house or a neighborhood that offers us better expectations or we like more than just caught us closer to work or family grow and need more space. It can also be caused by the company you work that in their desire for expansion, mounted branches everywhere. Whatever it is, you have to move things to the new place. And, over time, for better or for worse, we accumulate more and more. For better, for it is a sign that our life is enriched; worse, because if we moved again not know where to put so much or where to start. Good thing we can always count on experts in the field, because there are cheap removals. There are many companies in this sector, so it is important to do a good choice to avoid problems that complicate our move.


cheap removals


We will not deny: make a move is not a task we would do often. Has its own complications like it or not and it takes away a lot of sleep.




Ideally, we'll be considering calmly and patiently and to this end, it is essential to do with time, just that we never have, so we must use planning. We can use to make a small "cleansing" of things that we have accumulated because there was room and we thought we would be time to think we were doing with them. Well, that time has come, what better opportunity. We assure you that we will come great at starting to pack the objects of our life.


moving objects



Once removed expendable, very complex task, you have to be organized and if we are not, you better learn ... If you do not want to die in the attempt, we will be very useful to know where we keep those things we need urgently. For example, the linens for bed and rest as angels after an intense work or when we get up in the morning to prepare the coffee that coffee will help us to face with a good face the new day and so many and so many things that we had not fallen because we had so handy ... Or if it is a moving office documents we had prepared to attach to the budget of a project, etc.


Well, you know: organization, organization and organization. Surely we remember the advice of our mothers, those who always seemed exaggerated and not understand; because it is time that we implement. For removals are fantastic!


We must take stock of cardboard boxes. We can buy them, but we can also recycle and, of course, if we hire cheap moving in Barcelona, ​​the company that is responsible for it can facilitate reusable or new boxes depends on the services available and what each contract. But if we're going to take us in this part, we just have to take a walk through our neighborhood shops and ask them to kindly provide us a few of those boxes that are deposited in the container because no longer needed. To us come us or painted to begin saving our objects: books, records, clothes, dishes, documents and what is third. Always place a large sign on the outside of the box to tell us what is inside and if it is a fragile thing, plus conveniently pack it and with adequate protection, we must also indicate on the outside in a very visible and clear if not, you will tell us how we will then find the sheets, the brewer, or the documents accompanying the project budget.



moving boxes


Anyway, the fact is that, in general, very excited to change, it seems that we released a new life and want it to be wonderful; It's like when we step on freshly fallen snow and do not want staining is so perfect ... but also gives us worth leaving spaces that link us to an earlier stage. How rare are human! Do Not?





We have the packaging of our objects, what about furniture? There are things we can disarm, but others ... Also, do not have much time after work can devote a good time to pack, but the furniture is too big. It is clear, we must have a good cheap removals company in Barcelona that suits our needs and resolve all these issues we will be unable to solve by ourselves. There must be, above all, careful and cheap. Careful because what matters much moved, part of our life; and cheap, since they are not the times to rave and costs much win the salary to which to live and enjoy our lives.


furniture moving


You have to choose well, we can not risk that we will lose things, spoilage or we charge more of the account. Nor is interesting to pay for a repository, unless no other choice left to us, so it is best that we hire company when you already have the new house or a new office, so the move will be direct, door to door. We know cases of friends who would not want to play.




We said at the beginning that we have to plan the move with time; because time will also need to select the company that will make us cheap moving because theirs, so reasonable, we ask several quotes and then decide the best for us in terms of the conditions pactemos and, lest we forget, our budget. It is important to note that the factors most influence the price have to do with the distance between the place of collection and destination, whether or not a lift in either place, the volume of what to move, ease or not to assemble and disassemble furniture, the fact that objects desembalemos the pack and make ourselves or mover we hire, etc.


moving budget

When we requested a budget, the company should go to assess the volume you have to move and see the conditions they will face. Thus, you can make an estimate based on the reality of the situation and no surprises for anyone. Everything should be clear and in writing.

Once you reach an agreement, the company will inventory all he has to move. Tip: do not let things untreated, everything has to be very clear, every detail has to look simple enough, so read the contract carefully and check that everything you have agreed contained therein. So working professionals moving and your duty is to require that professionalism.

moving contract

So how do we avoid ?

- That our things come when you no longer need or never arrive and have to buy another to replace them, wherever possible.
- That the objects to be lost or damaged beyond repair.
- Let us see surrounded by boxes and tarden hours or days to come and take them.
- That we finish loading ourselves with what we have so carefully packaged.
- To pay over the odds when we hired a company of cheap removals in Barcelona
- They also have to assemble the furniture when we no longer remember or that they looked like.


Better not pass any of this; the good thing is that we can avoid it. We just have to resort to professional companies with which to fix the price and not have surprises, insurance coverage to have the guarantee that our furniture and objects to no harm, and if for any reason this happens, ensure us repair or the cost of the damaged with the guarantee of timely collection and delivery. In addition, we agree with them if the disassembled furniture in the collection site and assembled at the new destination, or if instead addresses only the transfer thereof. Can be agreed in relation to all the objects of our house, we can pack them ourselves or let this work also to them

cheap moving

Of course, if we say that everything must be collected at one point and given space and delivered the same way, we will ensure that both collection and delivery will be made ​​within the agreed places and avoid that we leave our website and let us those who have to do portering. Let professionals.

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