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Wednesday, 13th of May of 2015

mudanzas economicas

With summer and the new stage for the real estate market begins an era of relocation and for many reasons, from changes temporary residence, a new job or just because you realize you're tired of your home and are looking for an area more nice and comfortable to live. In addition, there are many choices of economic and rapid change. This is the moment you've been waiting overcomes the fear of change and the burdens and imagine your new house, build a future for you and yours and decide to start it.


Moving new home





Just keep in mind that moves, but a source of concern, are also a source of hope and joy for families who have decided to create their new home in a different area. The problem comes when the moving process we assumed a much higher cost than anticipated and, in the end, we paid too much. To avoid this, the first thing we have to do is make a proper planning, preventing it from becoming chaotic and disorganized, unplanned are very common and we have to count on them to not stress.


At first it will be very normal that we think we can move all alone, although often we realize that we need help if we are to save time and money and get to the new home and relaxed yet well organized. In a big city like Madrid or Barcelona , the move all our furniture, appliances and other objects and items will be a tough task unless we have the help of a team of professionals who know how to manage the process and know the procedures for that nothing is broken or lost during the move.



economic change




One of the main problems starting any move is that the price we usually increase much over the whole process and many people choose to perform the transfer themselves, but they do not know is that in the end, you can exit more expensive than if they hire company specializes in relocation, because they must add up to the initial cost packaging, adhesive tapes, bags, vehicles for the transfer ... and in many cases is very stressful and expensive to make a throw economic change by ourselves





There are many ways that we can continue to make our move is economical, we can save costs in the planning, organization or transportation, the key to this is that we put aside the stress and worries and we give time to manage the whole process, without haste or improvisation; this is always the best way to not forget anything, not delay us too much and end up discouraged, saving is a matter of knowing how to manage well each time.



It is important to know what we choose and what furniture or objects will dispense. Is an ideal time to realize the many objects that we have accumulated throughout our life, of which many do not know existed until we started to pack, so that the move will leave us more economic if to move the volume is smaller, since one of the things that increases the price is transportation, so if we reduce the maximum space in the moving van, this will be cheaper.



economic changes




Among the options available to the furniture and objects in disuse, we can choose to take them to a collection point, give away, donate them to others, or even sell at a thrift store, and we can beat them good money then will we to invest in paying the costs of hiring a mover or other derivatives services and so the transfer result was much easier and convenient, and economic change. In this regard, we must also consider whether to move some objects or compensated if it is more profitable and convenient purchase again in the place where we go to live; for example, we can dispense with an old tableware is incomplete because it requires greater care and special packaging and is easy to reach with tears or also some old chairs that force us to hire a special vehicle to transport them.




Once we are clear what those chosen to be part of our new home objects, we must know how to distribute it to fit without problem. It sometimes happens that, completely immersed in the move, we realize that we are carrying more furniture and objects that fit in the rooms and in the end, the bearing is in vain because we have to get rid of them, but has us effort and money of course get them there.




office removals




To save time and money must organize all cataloged objects in boxes and bags and labeled using colored stickers, inventory or a classification for objects where we separate the heavier fragile, and above all very useful, for stays in so that all the furniture eg kitchen or living room, are in their own box and will be unpacked at a time to form the stay. At this stage we must not forget that smaller objects should be stored before use and daily use as a tableware, bedding or towels last. All objects that are more fragile we wrap them separately with plastic
bubbles, newspapers or blankets, to prevent breakage. In the case of heavier as books, the ideal is to store them in smaller boxes, which will be easier to carry.



On the other hand, we have to keep the scope of important family documents hand as DNI, passports, credit cards or health cards, which often get lost for some cash and we can have more than one complication. Before we left, we must also try to stop closed administrative procedures, such as outstanding payments. On the other hand, the new residence where we will live, we report our arrival to power and water, banks, schools ....




organize moving



Do not forget to make a final review of all before you leave your old home to check that you have nothing left, as it is very common for us to move an object disappears.



Cheaper options


After preparation comes time to take the coveted transfer, at this point we must realize that not all the moves are the same, there are a lot smaller and cheaper we can make ourselves almost entirely, others have very fragile objects and require more effort and care and others, volume and complexity, require the help of professionals.


In the first case, many believe that making the move yourself is cheaper, but we must consider whether this is feasible or not evaluating various criteria such as the volume that we will move, will travel the distance or the means available. The smaller items such as clothing, books and small furniture, we can move us or with help from family and friends, but it is true that in most cases need adapted, qualified professional vehicles and a larger organization.

cheap moving

On the other hand, when we think about a moving company usually we think that it's going to be too expensive and does not have to be that way, because if our management is good and organized moving efficiently, we will save time, money and many concerns. These companies offer different options to suit customer needs, which can range from furniture to assemble and disassemble only collection or storage and saving objects. In cases where the furniture is heavy, delicate and valuable architectural or when there to get them out of the buildings or problems, are really useful options.

If we decide on a company specialized moves, we know that that is most economical to transfer must organize ourselves whole process, packaging and labeling the boxes. The price of each company can vary, as the options available to us are many, from companies operating in the same city or province, to others that make international transfers; For this reason there is a great diversity of proposals that also affect price due to factors such as the size of the housing, transport volume, distance or if we are also services such as storage, collection shops, art departments or packaging professional. In addition, these companies offer numerous safeguards to protect our belongings as liability insurance, insurance of workers and others who cover any damages, loss or damage during the move.


When we face a transfer process, we must first stop to weigh well all options. For example, when hiring a moving company must observe that combines costs, guarantees and services provided, and that can adapt to our needs. Seeks balance between price and effort and make up your mind for the option that best suits you. Remember to move out is a process that involves stress but mainly grow ilusionarte and dream of a new life.

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