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Wednesday, 4th of March of 2015

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Ye mudáis. It is a major change. Nobody tells it easy but it sure will come out very well. If things are done in a timely and properly planned, the result is almost guaranteed. The first is to seek information. On the internet you will find many agencies, looking several options, calls budgets and opt for the one that convince you. Consider what type of service you want. You will see how to find a choice of excellent move for you and you get it cheap. Here are some tips, including what to eat.







Moving can easily last a couple of days, so you have to have thought what we eat. Whether we are alone, because we could leave children with relatives or friends, or not, you have to feed. The pizza and beer of course are an option for a cheap move, but not alone. Let's see others.




Today there are more options for takeout to consider, besides the classic pizza. In Internet or mobile satellite we can find several more or less financial offers. Chinese, Japanese, or Turkish, for example food you can order from your mobile applications.


home food moving



Eating restaurant


You can view restaurant dining options, it might not be the cheapest option, but maybe in the area there are good and inexpensive menus. If we go with the kids and schedules are uncontrolled, one option may be a menu in any of the typical burger or fried chicken franchises that for an occasional situation may be an optimal solution.



How freeloaders or picnic?


Being Shuttle is also acceptable to ask family or friends invite us confidence excuse. But if we can not or do not want, or just think that during the move will be too busy, we can also prepare a delicious picnic to eat us camped on the new or old home. You can prepare a pasta salad, potato or tortilla sandwiches and fruit, and eat-ing, as if we were on a picnic. This is of course a conomic option and probably healthier than resorting to pizza and beer. With organization is possible and the results can be very nice and even funny.



How about a barbecue?


This suggestion does not fit all, but if you're moving to a house with garden and barbecue and have also mobilized to friends to help you, why not make a little party? Buy plastic cups, plates and plastic refrigerator filled with ice and drinks and another with burgers and sausages. Someone get bread, knives, sauces and a salad, and you can now mount the opening party in the middle of moving . Yes, try to have available some chairs, and if there are children, it is worth having some toys. Finally your cheap moving going to be so fun that you will remember for long.


BBQ moving



We have options to eat during our move to Barcelona. Now remember those precious tips to prevent our food taste bad:





Surely you know when you need to be installed in your new home. You can start preparing the various steps. Note the deadline and get ready for the big time. Stop and think you need to take and what not, which can store before, what you will be using until the last moment, you need to have more localizable. Try it all into account, from the most general things to the smallest details, and date within reasonable deadlines for the different phases of the project. A good advance planning is key to ultimate success.


moving plan





The moving company you have chosen for transfer will be one of your allies. Contracts with them the day or days of the move well in advance and concrete details. They can help and advise you on any questions you may have. And it's not more to have family and friends in different stages. You can engage and excite children in ways that are accessible to them, and pack their own toys. Have you decided if they will be present at all stages of the transfer? If not, you'll need to leave them with someone you trust. If involved at some point in the move, we have to be especially careful about their safety and also on the subject of food, because it is difficult that you can comfortably meet your needs and schedule. Courage, surely we can make a big move, and cheap.





Once you have planned for your moving schedule is time for the screen. Cheap removals are a good time to get rid of the disposable, so we will not need in our new life, so before you start packing, look what things you do not use or do not want and fail to throw or donate. You'll save paying transport and carry things they do not need. If some of the things that are going to throw bulky, surely your municipality has a day that can leave them on the street and call a number for collection.


shooting moving




Look for a moving company to take care of everything, even putting your stuff in boxes, but usually this part is better and cheaper to do it yourself, especially clothing, furnishings and objects of small size. It is important to have boxes of various sizes and strengths, as well as newsprint to wrap delicate things, fillers and tape or seal to close the boxes. The boxes are those you can ask your friends, in stores, buy online, or combine all three. The conveyor may also like the company can provide. Try to be strong and manageable, not good to become too big boxes and fill them much, since after barely can move. All this we can do with time, and you can continue cooking and eating healthily at home.


moving boxes





The first thing to pack is what we know to be the last thing we need. For example, if we are making the move in the summer, we can begin to fill a box with all the winter clothes, you will not need. Do not forget to label the boxes: a good idea to number them, since it helps to keep track. We can also keep track with the numbers of the boxes and we've gotten into each. Prepare the box, we label the fill, write down the number in a list box and what goes inside, and that's it. Latest boxes should be reserved for the utensils you'll be using until the last moment and that we need when we get to our new home. It is good to prepare a box of kitchen utensils and dishes, glasses and cutlery, and a saucepan and a frying pan, and one with some food, fast food: cans, envelopes, rice, oil. It will be the last thing you embalarás and the first thing you can unpack and settle in your new kitchen, so you can start cooking at home again soon.


There are things that are not used every day but are important, such as according to what documents: contracts, deeds, insurance, etc. Let's put everything in a box that must be well controlled and that we need not close until the last moment. Better to be of a different and visible color, so that it can avoid misplacing. We can put there also leaves in scoring let our boxes, with their numbers and what they contain.

Is our DESTINY IS ready for us?

Before embarking on the move is important to check well our new home is ready. Ensure it is clean, we have electricity and water and all plugs work. Nor is more alert neighbors when will we get and we'll be using the elevator, and we need space at the entrance.



Well, one thing is to put clothes and boxed well utensils and other theme furniture. If there is furniture that travel with us to the new house, it is best to trust the movers for transporting packaged and unpackaged, under our supervision.


We hope these tips are helpful, you get moving you dream and that, besides being economical, everything will be perfect. Sure you can choose the most appropriate option and forward planning details. And remember that phrase that armies march on their stomachs: not forget to give some thought to the subject of food. As you have seen, a cheap move is not synonymous with pizza and beer.

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