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Wednesday, 20th of May of 2015

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The tranquility of our home is endangered when the fateful day when we have to face a moving arrives. The reasons are many: a job change, we seek to expand the family and need a bigger or simply have decided a change of scenery and meet new environments home. Starting over is always a challenge and a moment of satisfaction and enthusiasm, though, often it is clouded with a long and exhausting process of moving, that in the end, does not see an end or we repent of the decision. The best way around this is to have a good organization and management of the entire process. To do this, we can get down to work responsibly and managing stress or leaving everything in the hands of a removal company that is responsible for providing us moving to Barcelona.







When you start moving, we must consider, first, that the organization is the criterion to follow. To do this, we can begin by measuring the dimensions of furniture and our new home to see what will go into the new home and how. One option that will save us time and effort is to be clear where we're going to place each object and assess dimensions and layout of the rooms. So, if we furnish a room with a wardrobe, a bed and a desk; all we can draw and take soil measurements and dimensions and even mark with tape the volume of each object. Thus, we see the space available and how it can be better. This will be a great help to make downloading much faster, efficiently and economically. On the other hand, planning is usually a good time to get rid of those cabinets that will not use and will serve only to occupy space and accumulate dirt.


After initial planning, we should start packing those items that are essential for the early days. We would include clothing; crockery; kitchen and bath products; or bedding because the changes usually take and unpack all the objects can take time. Thus, the best option is to go start packing all objects of minor use, as those in the attics, storage or closet funds, while the plates, cutlery and everyday items remain to the end. In addition, we save everything stays, better location, and facilitate both their own professional work. So we will label all and inventory bedrooms, living room, ... To arrange all the furniture.



organize moving




The best choice for your storage is saved by cardboard boxes and garbage bags. Even, blankets, comforters or pillows can serve as insulation to transport the most fragile and delicate objects and avoid breakage. In these cases, we must include the word FRAGILE, to know which ones have greater care. Books and objects weight is best to keep them in small boxes so that they are easier to handle. If we decide to hire a specialized company, this will help us in the process and will provide different types of packaging to ensure their safety. One of the major problems that many families find are precisely the damage to objects, caused by a deficit packaging by themselves. In addition, a customer contracted insurance does not cover such damages, if the packaging has not conducted by qualified personnel.



Among the various possibilities of moving, we can choose to hire rental vehicles that offer vans of different sizes to transport objects and make the move yourself. Another option is to leave everything in the hands of the professionals, who will be responsible for the entire process of packing and transportation. These, by a previous study of the volumes to be transported and the type of material, will make the move to Barcelona in a safe and comfortable way.



moving vehicle



First of all, when we go to make a move , we know that the haste and improvisation are never good mates, so it is best to make a proper and sufficiently early planning to avoid surprises and assess the best options we have available .





Move small appliances, luggage and smaller objects is easy because we can make with our own car, or even with the help of a friend or relative, without much difficulty. But the process is complicated when we have to dismantle, transport and assemble large furniture or appliances objects and very fragile because, being more sensitive, are a real headache when moving to Barcelona. Therefore, we can choose several alternatives, such as trust our furniture to a handyman, it will save us money, but will not guarantee us the care and protection of objects and also have problems, in case you want to claim. Another possibility is to hire a rental truck and move objects on our own. This option is very economical, but also very risky and stressful, because objects may suffer damage and we will bear all the work. Finally, there is another option, besides being economical, provides greater reliability and dependability: Hire company specializes in relocation. These changes provide not only within the country but also internationally , as well as additional services (collection of furniture stores, furniture saved bulky or breakable packaging).




In those moments of both burden and stress, we need the confidence and trust of great professionals that offer us a personalized service, tailored to our needs and always with the best guarantees of quality and reliability. A moving company offers these advantages, plus many others, such as security. A
very common problem and usually worry about, largely, when faced with a move, is that no objects or furniture being broken or lost. In this regard, hiring moving to Barcelona will be much safer and quiet as professionals know how to perform the packaging process of various items so this does not happen. They also have appropriate means (tools, elevators, packaging material or vehicles) to ensure that all packages are well packed and tied, so they can not be loosened or damaged during transit. In this regard, another big advantage is that we can include professionals have the necessary knowledge to dismantle and reassemble all the furniture, so that they are as they were before the m udanza to Barcelona. All this is going to save time, money and effort and ensure the security of all objects. If there is a problem or accident, it will be the company that takes care of the damages, with corresponding insurance.

Moving damages

Another very important, when we decided to start a move to Barcelona, ​​it is that by hiring a professional or business, to be able to adjust to our needs and desires, that is, that we offer a personalized and close treatment. If, for example, prefer to pack us all items because we want to keep a proper order, we can ask the contractor packing material that we will use in advance and only contact with her ​​to get the day and time you want it They collect everything. Faced with this choice, it is highly recommended we label all boxes, depending on whether they are more fragile or heavy, and we include labels on top and sides, so that once we start to move to Barcelona , professionals may know where and how to stack them without being damaged objects.

Besides these aspects are important both the speed and savings and it is true that if we decided to move everything on our own or have a handyman, or time will be the mark nor the money in the end, it costs entire move. Make a move to Barcelona individually we will be more expensive in the long run. When calculating costs, we must also packing materials, tape, boxes, bags and vehicles available and all this increases the price into account. Moreover, the slowness is a major drawback. Many times when we have to mobilize continually, give transportation and, at the same time, organizing every house. In this case, a moving company plays a big advantage as it seeks that the process is not paralyzed, so it will be faster and more efficient.

moving company

In short, we can say that a move to Barcelona process is long and very stressful, so it is best I tomárnoslo calmly and without stress. Therefore, the best option is to invest in qualified and save big on stress and worry, to enjoy what really matters, our new home and our new life.

We can not allow an investment in safety and quality in moving to Barcelona.

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