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Wednesday, 3rd of June of 2015

mudanzas en Barcelona mudanzas baratas barcelona

Cheap removals in Barcelona meet our needs for moving furniture and objects between locations. It is a city with millions of inhabitants and where thousands of displacements and movements occur daily. In fact, Barcelona also live connections with its metropolitan area, area localities in which
also live hundreds of thousands of people. Removals in Barcelona, ​​therefore, are part of the everyday landscape of the city. Therefore, you better take us with humor.


If you do not take the move with humor, you risk to get on your nerves. You have to have patience and, above all, hire a company that guarantees all the services you need at competitive prices.

Finally, you've already decided. The first step, after you have informed about what the company offers, is contacted. You can start the conversation with a joke like that are spent on the radio first thing in the morning.




contact moving company

As you are in Barcelona, ​​it has crossed your head to tease a while to workers moving company. You're going to be passed by a famous person who has lived in Barcelona:


- "Hello, good morning, I'm Inaki Urdangarin, I would like to come to the palace of Pedralbes to be some things that I have ..."


Logically, your joke is removed to the first hurdle, even though you put your best in trying to imitate the voice of former Barca player handball. You've broken the ice; your partners on the other side of the telephone line, up the gauntlet:


- "Go, and joke at this hour of the morning, I like to ..."


Advanced to 2:45 minutes !!






Have you noticed that the speaker has a mixed accent you. It is clear: it is a Catalan of Andalusian origin. They are many in Barcelona and the metropolitan area and have a special art. In short, you will not win a horny to Catalan Andalusian roots. His next sentence was swift:


- "Put Me you with the Infanta."

But we have been given the chance to continue with the ewes and take our historical jokes:


- "The Infanta Infanta orange or lemon?"


In short, the point is not the best in the world, but at least is fast and does not steal too long. So glad start the morning with people who take things well and lightens one working day and especially a move.

The last sentence of this surreal dialogue loose the worker. Very breeching, as it reminds the argument used in the trial of the case Nóos:


- "The Infanta says he has not heard anything ..."





You have created the necessary positive understanding between employees of the moving company and you. You pass, without losing the sense of humor, the most serious issues. For example, the total price of these cheap removals. After agreeing the contract, we are satisfied and the employee drops a phrase that is halfway between Catalan and Castilian:


- "As the great Peret said the mudança és bona when sona the bag."


Our response is also a tribute to the myth of the Catalan rumba:


- "She has power, she has power ..."


It is not clear if we refer to the city of Barcelona or our wife , since she has been responsible for organizing entire move. Of course, for their better planning, it has extraordinary power over the entire moving process.



organize moving

We said goodbye to start moving and, as the worker is very proud of the work his firm and is a great lover of music, let us for posterity a judgment of another great of Barcelona's music, José María Sanz 'Loquillo ":


- "You've been lucky getting to know ..." (lyrics by Rock & Roll Star).


The day of the move in question. Our buddy of the removal company in Barcelona is presented with a spectacular truck. It is perfectly equipped and prepared to move heavy and large objects vehicle. Without a truck of this size, you would have to make more trips than Marco Polo.

Seeing such a monster vehicle, we asked the operator of the company if, in the end, yes it would encounter moving Inaki Urdangarin. This time is accompanied by other colleagues, also professionals who will help you load and unload.

It is a quiet morning, with little atmosphere, he commented sarcastically to colleague:


- "Because you did not, there is no environment."


We brought out our battery of bad jokes again. It's not a misguided idea to face a day of work.



jokes moving



Among the services offered by the company of cheap removals in Barcelona, ​​is the careful packing of fragile objects. It occurs to us to try to shoot the joke of one of the special boxes to store jewelry and important documents, like we were Messi or Neymar. Workers moving him also take a joke.


In these tasks packaging they have been used the most appropriate materials. For example, typical plastic bags filled with bubble surface. Who would not be entertaining and fun to exploit?

Absurd situations are repeated, with the aim of making the work day more bearable. The spectacular storage service used, for example, to play hide and seek.


It is a large ship, where your most delicate furniture will be perfectly guarded and under the best conditions. On the other hand, to save the (very typical in the tall buildings of a city like Barcelona) more difficult slopes, use the elevator, a machine that makes the delight of those present, especially the children are made. The kids in the house happily scamper corridors and rooms, while the various operations of the move is made.


One of them comes up ask you a question:


- "Dad, where are the Pyrenees are?"


Your answer can not be more sarcastic:


- "I do not know, child Ask your mother, who puts everything on the drawers.."


Undoubtedly, this is a phrase that comes in handy in a move. Your wife fits the joke. You've put a little spice and controversy. You know they are going to return, but you're not sure how or when. Revenge, albeit joke, after all, is a dish best served cold.



keep moving

Moreover, the mover has put at your disposal also a pickup of items in stores. You move into another house and have taken advantage to pull stuff, but also to renew the furnishings of your home. New life, new home. With the greatest care and confidentiality, employees of the moving company to move individual businesses to collect and transport goods.

It gives for releasing a sentence in the style of those comparisons that were made ​​in the television program The Informal:


- "Both the pitcher goes to the source that, in the end a Bonometro is removed."


While operators are carrying furniture from one place to another, you want to use the famous pun on that piece of furniture called comfortable:


- "Why do they call it comfortable and convenient to not to bed, whether it is the bed is comfortable and not comfortable?"


Gang members who are working on moving smile.

Surely the day are finding it more bearable. You ask them to take the utmost care with Dali painting that guards with special affection. Since the removal company, they have designed a package of maximum security for this artwork. In fact, the disassembly of the box is carried out in several phases. You feel euphoric and you want to do some antics to encourage participants in the move, so you decide to imitate the myth of surrealism. You bought a characteristic mustache, like the genius of Cadaqués, and you walk through the spacious house. Meanwhile, delight (say) workers, with some of the most ingenious phrases Dalí (with his peculiar voice):


- "I am a Catalan peasant, whose body dwells a king."





In the end, time flies. The move is about to end.


Animas employees mover with another phrase for history, you can frame any day:


- "Either we or just moving it with us."


Earned the move almost become a party, so, now that you've finished, you can allow your family and provide operators with a good Catalan cava. As you listen to a tape of jokes Eugenio, of course, there is nothing more Catalan to close a day as funny as this.



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