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When someone travels for work or merely personal to another place, you have to take all your belongings with you. And not always about objects. People who move may also have pets (and not talking about traditional cats and dogs), weapons, explosives, drugs that need to be kept in refrigerators, fragile instruments really work ... well, the list could be endless. Here we discuss some of them.


Notes because someday you might find in the situation of having to go to some of these unique goods.


strange moving





First, you must follow these tips especially for felines. Do not feed them just before making the move and try to keep them out of all the fuss, they tend to panic and they can flee. If possible, leave them in the house of a friend or family on the move. As for fish and birds, there is this risk, but what is done is to change cages or aquariums smaller and easier to handle and independently move its "home" in another box. It should, however, be aware of them every so often.


Ditto for other more unusual pets like snakes, scorpions or even lions. Moreover, in the case of reptiles and insects , the company responsible for moving containers provides proper temperatures for storage. The law also provides that can not be mixed in the same place different breeds
animals will not be tolerated. Plants eventually be the last to jump on the moving truck and the first to go, in order to avoid drastic changes in temperature and light.


moving animals




A firearm must always be transported in its case or box, completely unloaded and the magazine cartridges separately but within. It must go along with the appropriate license and identification. Besides, he always has to report the occurrence to the appropriate authorities in the case of moving to another country. Meanwhile, in the transport of dangerous goods such as explosives used in mines, demolitions or pyrotechnics, the rules provide that the truck must be properly equipped, documented and signed. First of all, please, you must inform the company conclusively that some objects of your move are both explosive.


moving explosives





Indeed part of home furnishings, for who does not have his private cellar accompanied by their complementary cigars? Regarding this aspect, note in particular that, if you move abroad , there are some legal limits. If grandly (800 cigarettes, 400 cigarillos, 200 cigars or snuff 1 kilo) usually is sufficient to show that they are for personal use and must provide a receipt or proof of purchase. In any case, it is advisable to learn about the laws of the particular country. As for moving, especially alcohol, is considered as a fragile merchandise typically kept in glass bottles. Furthermore, in the case
of cooling needed, they will go in refrigerated containers.


Sometimes cardboard boxes with special compartments to prevent shifting and collide bottles are the right solution. As for snuff, there are special packaging corrugated cardboard, standard boxes or cardboard tubes made. Again, it is convenient for you to explain all this to the company in charge of the move. Therefore, the catalog or inventory you have done in advance you will find very useful.



moving bottles





Vaccinations, pills or injections are really delicate material upon which is to take special care when traveling. They are common if a family member is ill or if you have elderly or children indoors. Note that, if not require exact storage temperatures, they can go in closed boxes and insulated to avoid direct sunlight, excessive cold or heat. Therefore, coated tarpaulin vehicles would not be eligible for this transportation. If need be kept cold and drugs were indeed many, refrigerator trucks will type or, alternatively, be carried in small refrigerators
portable. Also, you should avoid standing next to insecticides or pollutants. Consider these aspects when supervises the move to avoid further shocks.


Moving medicines





It may also happen that the person has moved on his own material workhouse considered fragile and in need of extraordinary protective measures. In this sense, the polyethylene bags are allied faithful of these objects. With them are coated before being introduced into the packing box. In the case that what is transferred is liquid in nature, as the test samples should be sealed in order that can not leak at any time. Also, if it were contagious or pollutants should also be identified at all times. At the end of the day, you could take home a laboratory to complete, provided all fully regulated, of course.  



delicate moving





Surely they are not the most common inside a home, but it could be that you should see in the position to move these goods . In these cases, identification, as in the previous section, it is essential. Therefore, they must be properly cataloged with a label on which the name is made, the chemical formula and performance properties, that is, the exact melting or boiling point, density, vapor pressure, viscosity, its solubility in water, and so on. In this section, we repeat: never know what a home can be kept inside.

A moving




But you could also be found in the situation of having to transfer important works of art: paintings, prints and sculptures. In these cases it is advisable to hire a previous insurance in case of loss or completely accidental breakage. The moving professionals also try within your means no damage or impact to your work so dear, in addition to the value itself by which is especially for you. Therefore, in addition to the cartons, plastic bubbles used with fluffy surfaces are placed in the ground at the time of being dumped gently. Subsequently, pictures or sculptures, and packaged, are introduced into
a wooden cage where the timber and then, in a box of the same material is set larger. To stay calmer, you can attend the entire packaging process. You will see that your work will be treated with utmost respect and care.


art transfer





In a move some things of all sizes: large, hipergrandes sensitive. Remember all those little memories (thimbles, figurines, frames ...) that fill the shelves everywhere. For each of these objects, despite its small size, should be treated as they deserve. Bubbles and packing material, which you can get from any paper that does not use (newspapers, correspondence, leaflets ...), are ideal for protection. But what and how much to big? Here come washing machines, refrigerators or cabinets. A key advice is that anyone can decompose it better to divide and store small parts in a safe place. All further once we remember the typical piano or pool table that has to be taken out of the window. This indeed happens many times, but remember to also prevent if they come into your new home.

large moving objects

ABSOLUTE Fragility

The carved crystal jeweled lamps, dishes or glasses are perhaps the best known objects in this section. Remember in this sense that, if they have special value, you can purchase insurance in particular. But they could also fall into this category some truly luxurious dresses. Imagine the care that carriers must make when moving dresses Chanel and Valentino, for example. Are carried from one place to another in their respective hanger inside special packaging zipped special wardrobe boxes. Here also come, of course, precious stones and jewelery. Consider, however, that if you change your country of residence, many of which must first be declared at customs.

moving fragile objects

I n short, as you can see, there is no material that resists the move.
Whether animal, vegetable, beautiful, explosive, booze stone medicine, flammable, hazardous or highly brittle material, the moving professionals will always be there for whatever you need.

Because, beyond its material value, what matters is what they mean to you individually. As always, the key tips are made ​​to private insurance for works of great value, consult the respective laws of each country or region with respect to transportation. But this is usually occupy mainly
mover. Hence the great importance of an inventory or previous catalog.


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