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Everyone wants to visit new places, places where you can meet new cultures and customs. Traveling gives us a wealth of knowledge that we acquire with the experiences that we live in the new place through the interaction with people. However, something different happens when we talk about international moving, as this decision on whether to move to another country is never easy. One such ideal places for cheap movers is Barcelona, ​​examples of this are the constant moves of Shakira. The successful singer moved to Barcelona in 2011 to start his relationship with the Barcelona player, Gerard Piqué. Since then, Colombia has continued to travel and move to other locations for work. Los Angeles, Miami and Colombia have been some transfers that Shakira has had to make since you definitely afincara in Spain . The singer is a clear example of the facilities involved hiring a specialist international moving company to transfer.

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One of the most difficult tasks for a person is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages that entails change that decision, because it is usually associated with fear and insecurity. A lot of people are afraid of not knowing what will really happen to live in another city and leave behind everything we already knew. However, there must be conceived in this way, since a move is always planned as improved housing, social relations, for work ... various reasons but have a common purpose: to improve the lifestyle of a person.

And it must be borne in mind that the changes are most stressful to exist after the death of a beloved family member . According to a British study, 75% of people said that moving it requires a lot stress. This change generates burden, since in most cases is associated with more problems: the consequences of moving into the private sphere of the individual. Additionally it also depends a lot on the situation (if you are single, married, with children ...).

The penalty for leaving behind memories that have lived is another insecurities that cause international moves, as many people cling to a sense living in a given household and the objects it contains.



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Due to concerns associated with the process of change is advisable to hire a professional agency responsible alleviate this sense of chaos and decline all responsibilities. Thus, you can begin to relax and finally start enjoying the prospect of life in their new home, focusing on the future with the people you want.


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Moving companies will ensure a fast and secure your furniture and precious objects and transfer. Just make a call to the companies, the sales department will visit you in your home or business at no cost and evaluate the characteristics of his transfer to give a written estimate, approved, firm and closed. national companies cover transfers and off our border , since in most cases associated with any collaborations with the world and with full warranty.


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The moving process for these companies is, first, to photograph each of the rooms in your home, in this way see the distribution of objects personal furniture, paintings and objects and recreate them as similar as possible. In this way, and if requested by the client, professionals in international removals will be responsible for putting everything as it was. Furthermore, these same companies are responsible for dismantling and reassembling furniture, saving one of the most laborious tasks in a move that requires a lot of time and effort. Professional movers




In a move, the most delicate moment is in the transfer of objects from one place to another, as you may be more sensitive to damage the house. However, if you hire a company to do this, the professionals will take care of bringing the new home all objects, as they found them to package them. In fact, it is the same carrier who assumes, under the contract the obligation to carry the goods from one place to another, so you do not have to worry about anything. Then enumerate the advantages of hiring a professional service:


- Security


The possible loss, breakage or damage to your valuables is the most feared consequence customers why hiring this service allows you to have your belongings as the company has professionals who know how to pack your items. In the same way, also has a vehicle adapted for that are tied and packaged, so they are not damaged on the trip. Besides the workers themselves used to do the job, know how to place each of the objects, dismantle and reassemble them so that everything is as it was before making the move. When loading the furniture also fasten know how. In this way, we save physical effort, time and security of our objects. However, if an accident arises mover would be liable for damages, and that he is insured against acts of God.

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- Customization


Each move is customized according to the requirements of the customer, because if you want to pack yourself personal effects, the company can request packing materials you need in advance, and once you have it ready, call to come to pick the day and time you want. If you prefer your this option, it is best to label all boxes carefully and write where it should end each of the boxes on the top and sides, to see how you stack them for transport and the objects that contain the boxes are damaged.

Another advice is to pack the box with the really essential things that, once installed, dispongas those primordial objects in daily from the first moment you arrive at your new home such as towels, linens and personal accessories hygiene. If you so choose, it is best to be packed all the things that are in the same room in the same box and label to have it identified. When packing will also be very useful to have a point of the house where the products are packed and will prevent all packets can be distributed over at home. Another tips is to cling to the packages essential to keep those essential items that will make your life a little easier the first few days in your new home.

- Savings

Saving is another of the strengths that comprise hire professionals because if the move is conducted by an independent person at the end is more expensive. Be aware from the outset to calculate all possible expenses, ranging from packaging materials like ropes, cardboard boxes, duct tape or bags until the right vehicle for transporting furniture. In this case, one would have to get a van or truck, depending on the volume of objects.

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- Speed

With hiring an international moving company get to make the move quickly. Also if it is the transfer of a business, take care of this quickly so that the activity of the company is not stagnant and continues to function in this way. If, however, it is a home and the new home is not available, companies cheap removals in Barcelona, ​​also offer storage service for users or families deposit their belongings for as long as necessary to maximum security. Also family can visit whenever you want, facilities to check the status of their personal effects, add a purchase or withdraw any item last minute.

Therefore if your place is really in another corner of the city, the country or on another continent, do not hesitate to hire the services of these international removal companies that will facilitate your move. Although it should be remembered that it is always advisable to check that the moving company is entered in the register of companies moving from the Directorate General for Transport and, at the same time request information about whether the company is in possession of a special authorization to conduct the moving service.

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