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Wednesday, 2nd of September of 2015

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International moves are a common fact in today's world. The continuous changes in the socio-cultural environment (facility for long journeys, structural changes in the concept of family, labor mobility, etc.) are forced to frequent movement not only of people but also of goods. Such movements, complete and medium to long term today often occur when the person concerned has been offered a good job in a field that already has experience; for example, a foreign subsidiary of the company which was already working. It is increasingly common this type of internationalization of the labor market.




So, sooner or later, everyone who works in certain business sectors and able and willing to take advantage of changing country of residence, must go through the inevitable move. And you have two options when it comes to addressing the tiresome task to move all their belongings: A change express or moving in several days. So, Why hare or tortoise?










Everything depends on what you need to transport, distance to destination, the budget you have in mind and that you have time. But above all, a perfect organization, effective work is required to accommodate the peculiarities of the required displacement. In general planning and organization more specific and detailed than it is required in the case of a local moving. Before choosing between moving and moving express in days, must take into account several factors.





It planning the move, if possible, two or three months in advance. Legal procedures and possible bureaucratic entanglements make some anticipation is highly recommended.





When hiring a moving service you must first make sure you have the necessary logistics and to carry out work experience. The services provided must be assessed taking into account both the price and a number of elements that will affect the final achievement of displacement as was required, if working with operators abroad, particularly in the country to which the movement takes place; the method of making the packaging of goods and what kind of related packaging services available; delivery times, both in the case of express moving as in moving in several days; the steps necessary with regard to logistics to carry the move to fruition, etc.




International Relocation planning


The importance of the transport means



Another factor to consider is the means of transport to carry out the move: by road, by boat or plane. For example, air travel is faster in case of opting for a change express, but more expensive, so it might not be necessary if opting for a removal in several days. You must be received information about which of them is more suitable for the type of movement needed, both in terms of the distance and the type of transportable goods.



Sorting and packaging

As for those goods, a selection of items to be moved will be required at the point of departure: it will depend on the price and strategy when moving home. It must be weighed against the need to move or not certain items and goods that either can be purchased in the country of destination or can be moved in the future without the urgency of the elements in some essential way. The packaging can be made ​​personally or may be delegated to the removal company in question. It is best that you do the company, its experience in achieving a safer and guarantee protection packaging. The company can better evaluate what kind of correct packaging, both for reasons of ease of movement and conservation of the objects.



Anticipating the arrival of the goods

You should prepare in advance the trip to be already in the destination when moving arrives. You want to be there several days before to make sure the conditions of point of arrival. Once the move has come we can evaluate the status of the goods immediately upon receipt. Preferably no surprises with fragile or bulky objects, for example.



International Relocation




With patience



Whatever the chosen type of moving, patience always be a beneficial factor. Although the choice the express moving, they can always arise problems by the way very well planned and organized you are.








Once exposed and listed the factors that can not be ignored when making an international move, it is in distinguishing between express moving and moving in several days to see which is the most convenient as appropriate.


The moving express has an obvious advantage: faster, makes the tedious process of performing a move is completed rather quickly. The hare comes before the goal. On the other hand, it entail increased that performed in several days. Hence also the importance of advance planning, since the inclusion of improvisation and late elements make this type of service is more expensive.



If you have more time, moving in several days may be the most appropriate. The tortoise is slowly but surely. But perhaps the greater collection necessitating patience as a key factor in having. On the other hand, in this type of removal no more room for doubts that arise when it seems everything is now resolved: whether to be true or not furniture on the distribution of furniture in its new space, etc. Again, this is to avoid problems weigh, in the middle of moving as a posteriori. In case of doubt with a complicated solution, moving in several days it is presented as the best option.





change express





Whatever the choice, there are cheap removals and other more expensive, often regardless of the quality of service offered. Do not forget all the factors mentioned above when asking for a quote. Also, make sure that the logistics and management of the move by the company that carried out will be adequate: that effective coordination is given during transit of goods, both public and private administrations derivatives as transport services, and has a reliable and continuous monitoring of goods included in the move, both when packing as during transit. All services included in the management of change are custom and that contact with the company is available at all stages of the move.







As stated above, what counts when it comes to hiring a company is, above all, the available logistics and experience. It also would be advantageous for the company in question dispusiera a series of services related to managing the move to facilitate its course:



If finally decided not to move a particular property, such as a cabinet, and the company has saved service and storage, the list of concerns and problems will be reduced.


-While The moving company will always provide, as said, more guarantees with regard to packaging, ensure that the packaging of fragile and bulky objects be especially careful.



In addition there may be other requirements in certain types of situations: for example, sometimes carrying a newly acquired and which is told in the new residence but is still in the furniture store is necessary. Should this situation be given information should be sought if the company offers this service for collecting furniture stores.



Moving services







An international move is always presented as a difficult management task: a process of continuous elections and discards and the planning is key. Number of goods, destination, budget; conveyance; logistics and experience; including all the necessary services, such as packaging of fragile objects and furniture saved.


¿Moving express or several days? ¿Hare or tortoise? As we have seen, there are multiple factors at stake in the choice of one or the other. You can ask for recommendations and shuffle multiple options when hiring either company, but having clear what the main factors are, the choice will be much easier. The aim is to ensure that contingencies arising from the move to be handled with confidence that everything is in good hands and has not worry about anything but new life in a new setting.



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