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Wednesday, 9th of September of 2015

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An international move involves a transfer of objects by a change of residence is effected between places of origin and destination they are in different countries. Therefore, it is paperwork that can not be managed with personal media itself but require the use of moving companies that perform this service.




An international move involves, first, that develops between two different countries, leading to consider certain aspects that do not influence local and national movers (which are held in the same city and the same country, respectively). They also often involve a greater investment of time and money. Keep in mind that the fact that the transport operations between countries often leads will travel more kilometers.



International Relocation




Undoubtedly, these circumstances force to study more closely the always relevant and, in any case, essential planning a move.


Not all moving companies are responsible for an international move. Furthermore, it should analyze the details of their service charters, and to hire an international move is to conduct a large investment.


On the other hand, it is an investment that can be made ​​profitable, provided it is chosen by companies to carry out this work without errors. Firms with more experience in these commissions have a regular demand for these services, allowing them to offer prices of scale. For example, among the most important cities in Europe, and working with courier companies and passenger transport.


In short, it is worth noting a number of tips to bet on solvent removal companies in the field of international moving. First, it is worth noting a number of recommendations related to personal preparation of the move. They are similar to those of local and national moving, but require earlier and organization. Moreover, other factors must be considered, as will be seen later, directly related to international moving. You have to know, but the ultimate responsibility depend on them and the mover.


Here are some important tips for addressing shelled an international move:






It is essential to consider the draft an international move well in advance. Avoid, in this regard, hot dates (holidays, weekends, etc.), if the movers have all booked. At least, the move must be planned one month in advance. Besides, we must take into account possible incidents (holidays, road closures ...) that could complicate international moving.




International Relocation






AAs employment in other sectors in the field of removals are also true intrusion and poor services. In this regard, it is worth seeking views known to have contracted international moving services to compare their experiences and have references. Do not trust excessively low prices. Also, do check if all services needed are included in budgets.








When the first contact (eg, telephone) with the mover is performed, it must be leveraged to provide and receive all information relating to such a complex project as an international move. No detail, however simple it may seem, must be left to improvisation. Rather, it is the time you have to specify the services to be hired and when it's time to take an interest in certain additional services that may be needed. That is, you can choose to customize the order, based on specific personal interests and the extent of the charter service moving companies. The technical inspection will culminate this process data exchange.




First, you need to sign a liability insurance in any process of change, which will cover the potential victims of this process. But apart, may be interested in protecting, ultimately, objects (some of them high sentimental or economic value) that will move during the move. In this sense, they may include various clauses in the policy to be agreed with the removal company in order to guarantee the safety of objects transported.



Moving insurance




After the exchange of data between client and moving company, and you are able to develop a budget that includes all contracted services. Furthermore, in an international move they have to assess other charges. Primarily, it is related to the fuel and road tolls. It is also possible that in some countries tariffs are paid.










Addressing a move is the right time to decide which items are necessary and which are to be discarded. In addition, you may prefer that the transfers are made ​​in successive waves: first, the necessary items; later, involving less urgent. In fact, in an international move it has also been assessing what taxes you can get to impose -and time- for how the belongings entering the country.








It is common, for economic and organizational issues, the Contracting take charge of packing boxes and moving companies dismounting, mounting and removal. In this regard, we must follow some own professional guidelines. They ensure the status of objects and facilitate the work to the workers. Basically, you have to use quality materials (bubble wrap) for the most fragile objects and packages and bags have to order (for example, by colors and numbers) for managers of deposit at the destination are clear location.




Packing international move







The preparation and duration of an international move usually involves more time than other international removals is. Although the package can instruct those interested in moving, there are objects that stand out for their large size. In this aspect, the moving companies offer storage with metal containers that have the most sophisticated security conditions (for example, they are fireproof). Also, the elevators will serve to bridge any height that hinders the introduction of the furniture in the house of destination.







Before the packages leave the place of departure of the move, it must finalize some fringe. Broadly speaking, you have to close windows, doors, electricity, water and gas. In addition, we must settle the past receipts for monthly expenses (including telephone) and rent, if the property is not taken into ownership. They are known as cancellation procedures.




close international move








Choose the means of transport depend on various factors: distance, number and shape of the goods to be transported, time available for international moving, etc. In this sense, the moving companies offer their fleet of vehicles (tailored to the specific needs of each move), which can be:


-Terrestres: Trucks, vans, etc.
-Marítimos: Thanks to agreements with major shipping operators.
-Aéreos: Average of more effective, fast and safe transportation.







The increase in international traffic moving has allowed removal companies lower their services and make available to the customer scale prices. Not surprisingly, apart from the agreements with companies performing similar services (passenger, mail, etc.), the most reliable moving companies also have offices in major capitals. These logistical advantages facilitate transport and allow the setting competitive prices.









It is one of the most important aspects of any trip, so you either have to improvise. In some countries, certain vaccinations are necessary. In addition, health coverage and health insurance have different regulations depending on the country in which one is. You make sure that in any case, you can receive health care in conditions.



Healthcare moving






When a moving company is hired for any job, it has to be assured that their representatives will take care of all the arrangements. Consequently, there will no longer worry about certain logistical aspects of the destination. Issues such as reserved parking and cutting a street for loading and unloading are left to the movers.








The legal advice is one of the special services of international removals. Crossing different source to meet your standards involves countries. This affects many, such as traffic regulations, border crossings and customs and the processing of documents required aspects.





15. Routines



Both for control of moving to the daily it will be essential to have foreseen the operation of the outlets of the house and telephone lines. It is also essential to have cash in the currency of the country to the operations of the early days.





In short, an international move requires extra planning effort and success with the chosen company.




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