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Wednesday, 15th of July of 2015

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Removal processes, whether economic or otherwise, in Barcelona, ​​can be produced by many different situations: from a change of address for work, a family extension that requires a bigger house or simply the desire to seek another neighborhood it is better to the needs of its members setting. When economic changes arising in Barcelona, ​​in many cases, it should be enjoyable, exciting and a cause for joy it becomes a real headache. This occurs by various factors, such as knowing not focus on the process, nerves and overwhelmed at the sheer number of things to be transported and the little time available or unforeseen ongoing and emerging issues that hinder and lengthen the process too .


In this way, it grows into a stressful situation, which demoralizes and exhausts the person, not to meet the objectives set, in an efficient and orderly manner. In addition, lack of knowledge and experience in these efforts often leads to make some typical mistakes that sometimes throw a quick and orderly organization by land.



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There are very common at the time of carrying out the move, which not only delay the process, but also entail more time, money and effort unnecessarily habits, which translates into greater despair for the doer. It is therefore necessary to avoid some common mistakes that hurt tremendously management:




1. Overestimating the volume of items transported. In many cases, the person is confident thinking that, in fact, are the four things you need to pack, occupying little space and will soon carry the new home. But when the time comes up, the boxes begin to multiply and which was calculated as a small management becomes a long and costly process. Therefore, it is advisable to estimate, previously, the amount of drawers and cabinets in the house and in many cases could be organized. At this point, a good tip is to value the things you need and select those that are obsolete or no longer useful. These can be sold and it is possible to earn extra money to cover expenses, treat yourself to a family member or thrown away. Something that will save time and money to make the process more agile.




2. Make the move yourself or ask a friend or relative. On many occasions, what is seen as a way of saving money it ends up being a major cost both money and time and effort. It is very common to believe that yourself, or with help from a friend, can make the whole process of moving. This requires great physical effort, a lot of planning and care, and to transport some eighty or ninety boxes (loaded with appliances, furniture, tableware, mirrors and vases) is enormously complicated, if not with the help of qualified personnel, which know how to organize the packaging for any item being damaged, the best way to transport it or how to download and assemble it later.


This process requires a suitable and large enough to accommodate all the furniture in his vehicle, which is already a high cost of money, which amounts to 200 euros. Subsequently, the assembly and disassembly of furniture and appliances usually done without much skill, so it's easy to look bad or even shatter something ignorance. In addition, the packaging used is usually not the most desirable, because it is not available for this special boxes and bags, so it is common for many objects break on the way, due to poor packaging. And if suitable materials are purchased, as seals, cardboard boxes or bags suitable bubble, the price increase, around 90 100 euros or more.



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The transport of many objects, many of them high weight and size, often, which leads to a too aggressive effort for your body. Especially if you are not used or unknown position and how they should divide the weight. They come to cause injury as lumbago, strains and falls. A common mistake is very busy carrying large boxes or packages typically filled with books. Those who do, through ignorance, often affected by muscle problems, sometimes quite serious.



Furthermore, the time at first, stipulated for all transportation often increases exponentially, due to last minute problems, lack of materials or unforeseen, which is a serious drawback for families with rhythms and routines Life established as school, work or problems with the departure of the previous home. In this sense, there are cases where the person has to be paid one month longer than expected to fully vacate the old house, due to the slowness or lack of organization, so that the process cost increases.



3. Choose inadequate professional. There, on the Internet, many pages of ads and offers staff responsible for carrying out any type of removal at very low prices. The first advice is to be wary of these workers, as the reliability and quality are usually not their main virtues. When a professional by a purely economic motivation is chosen, it is very possible that in the end, the cheap comes out expensive and that, in principle, be envisaged as a bargain end up being a big mistake that not only will be a much greater expense, but that further time, money and some important object on the road will be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to make a small preliminary investigation to see what's on the market and see how those are advertised both personnel changes, as painters or electricians often know little of each profession.







Therefore, the best advice is to find a reputable company that offers efficiency, experience and collateral, so that, if there is a problem or damage, provide adequate coverage. No need to contact unqualified personnel, who can disappear, if an incident occurs or an object breaks. In addition, serious companies offer many other benefits resulting from the move, as contained in shops, warehouses to store furniture or special material for fragile objects.






For the process to be managed effectively, economic, and seriously, you need to follow a number of guidelines that will streamline and improve greatly:


1. It should be an inventory of all that is necessary to package, calculate the dimensions and locations and assess how to manage the process.


2. Do not make the move on their own, because although it may seem a cost-effective option in the end, will be an odyssey that not only entail greater expense and effort, but can end in despair and overwhelming on the holder. In addition, delays, loss and breakage of furniture can also cause loss of bonds in the rent. Better to pay money for a job well done with one's own health by a chaotic and disastrous process.

3. Ask for information and referral to family or friends who have made ​​previously about moving companies that are serious and effective. We must discard all opinions that deserve little credibility and trust.

4. Contact a serious and experienced company to provide guarantees. Request information on how the transport cost, and costs associated answer this offer to any unexpected or complication.

Professional moving

5. Be wary of websites where handyman and professionals are announced no known address or that offer transportation at very low prices. Choose this option, besides being risky, will also be more expensive, since it is very likely that breakage or missing objects are produced and only the serious companies offer coverage for accidents.

6. Agree with the company moving terms, the payment method and how to do it and whether it covers the entire process (from packaging to the final placement of furniture) or only offers loading and unloading. In many cases, you can leave all the transport in the hands of a specialized company, which is responsible for its management, without any complications or loss of time for the person concerned. You need to choose well to avoid surprises.

7. Avoid low cost companies, which often do not provide assurance in the transport, so they can cause an upset over and be very expensive.


A move is not just any job, and in many cases, the wrong choice can cause panic, stress and frustration and make the homecoming as occur without enthusiasm or interest.

Thus, for a change of residence fast, efficient and slick, in a city like Barcelona, ​​it is necessary to have a team of experienced professionals who know well how to act in any situation and make possible a peaceful process, safe and pleasant for the user.

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